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– Mark Archer [Altern 8]


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LATEST ISSUE Zone Magazine 037 Spring 2023 | Lemon8 |



Zone Magazine Issue 037 Spring 2023


Well Folks, In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover superstar LEMON8. Harry Lemon aka LEMON8 has been at the forefront of dance music both as a DJ and producer, whilst producing a soundtrack of a generation at the same time. Model8 – his first ever produced track from 1993 – is now being recognized as a classic and landmark in Techno and dance music in general. The Inner Sanctuary Sessions double album, solely consisting of his original music and remixes is now recognized as a highlight in Progressive House Music with tracks like New York, New York and Lose Control just to name a few. The latter was even voted all-time best record on the iconic Bedrock label in 2020 by the fans by a landslide.
From The UK, we speak to the newly formed D&B group that is WEISSACH. With the rise of Drum & Bass taking over festivals Worldwide, we caught up with a duo who have just emerged into the scene, although they are no strangers to producing and performing music. Both known for their contribution to the Progressive House scene for many years, Paul Sawyer and Simon Sinfield have been running their Krafted imprint for the past 10 years and have been releasing music on notable labels including Black Hole Recordings, Pure Trance, Perfecto Records, Toolroom, Pattern and many more.
From N. Ireland we caught up with CHRIS CARGO. An artist with a long, rich and varied history, Chris Cargo has been at the forefront of the underground dance music scene for over 30 years. A career that began in the 1990s has seen the UK star carve out a sizeable niche with his distinctive blend of progressive, deep and melodic house, resulting in over 200 production credits for some of the finest modern imprints and a DJ touring schedule that has seen Chris reach all corners of the globe.

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Zone Magazine for me is a trusted magazine about our dance scene which as a publication is few and far between these days whilst, keeping that underground feel with its interesting, informative content…definitely has my full support.

– Lisa Lashes 



A “Malice In Wonderland” Recap!

Are We All Mad In Here. A “Malice In Wonderland” Recap With so many high profile events each week taking place in the Netherlands the Dutch must have a hard time choosing where to go. With load of high profile events like Don’t Let Daddy Know, A


  A Warsteiner PAROOKAVILLE Wedding & MOGUAI Interview A Warsteiner PAROOKAVILLE Wedding At The City Of Love And An Interview With The Best Man MOGUAI! Finally after two years of missing out on celebrating love, life and most importantly friendships we are back on the holy grounds

Coalition Underground Presents 3D & Lexicon Avenue Coalition Underground is the brainchild of the heads of the UK’s best Radio stations, promoters and social platforms. Conceived through a drive to work collaboratively to achieve perfection in sound. With the most respected brands in the industry. Coalition Underground

John Digweed To Celebrate 10 Years of ‘Live In’ Series

John Digweed To Celebrate 10 Years of ‘Live In’ Series with “Live In London” John Digweed’s Live In London is officially available to stream now! Recorded at Fabric London, the mix captures his 5 hour set from start to finish. Marking a decade since the beginning of


​NIGHTCLUBS ARE OFFICIALLY REOPENING IN SPAIN Spain is returning to the party. Clubs reopened in Barcelona and across Catalonia on Monday, June 21, with the rest of Spain ready to reopen the doors of nightlife in the sopon. A vote was held on June 2 by the Interterritorial

Netherlands Nightclubs Reopen Full Capacity

The Netherlands See Nightclubs Reopen at Full Capacity Last weekend marked the start of a new beginning for most Dutch party people. Loads of nightclubs and venues across the entirety of the Netherlands are finally allowed to reopen at maximum capacity. Bars where already allowed to be


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