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– Mark Archer [Altern 8]


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LATEST ISSUE Zone Magazine 036 Autumn 2022 | DJs From Mars |



Zone Magazine Issue 036 Autumn 2022


Well Folks, In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover superstars DJ’S FROM MARS. They bring the mash-up attitude into Electronic Dance Music. Their style is a 360° blend of every musical genre, with the add of their Alien basslines and beats. Their numbers on Social Media are constantly growing: with 140.000 Instagram followers and 1,5 million Spotify monthly listeners, and 600.000 YouTube subscribers they’re currently one of the most popular DJ acts in the whole world..Their videos on YouTube have over 250 million views and the numbers are constantly growing…
From Germany, we speak to the legend that is JENS LISSAT. For over 40 years now, Jens Lissat is one of the biggest names in the club scene. Insiders gave him the nickname “Godfather Of Techno”. His tracks are released on trendbreaking labels like his own, Monkey League & Studio3000 Records“. Further on Noir Music, Get Physical, Suara, Toolroom and Stil Vor Talent.
From Ireland we caught up with LAST SURVIVOR. The brainchild of one of Ireland’s most successful dance acts of all time Declan McLaughlin, and drummer Mick McCallion of rock band Droids, Last Survivor is a band on the cusp of breaking out into the mainstream. Created during the first lockdown, and with their initial releases written and produced almost entirely remotely, their debut “Waste Away” (featuring vocals from Novablood’s Mark Baker) set the tone. A dark, brooding nod to 80s-style synth-wave. It was an emotive and powerful first release and was praised by critics, radio djs and gained them a firm fan base.

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Zone Magazine for me is a trusted magazine about our dance scene which as a publication is few and far between these days whilst, keeping that underground feel with its interesting, informative content…definitely has my full support.

– Lisa Lashes 




  A Warsteiner PAROOKAVILLE Wedding & MOGUAI Interview A Warsteiner PAROOKAVILLE Wedding At The City Of Love And An Interview With The Best Man MOGUAI! Finally after two years of missing out on celebrating love, life and most importantly friendships we are back on the holy grounds

Coalition Underground Presents 3D & Lexicon Avenue Coalition Underground is the brainchild of the heads of the UK’s best Radio stations, promoters and social platforms. Conceived through a drive to work collaboratively to achieve perfection in sound. With the most respected brands in the industry. Coalition Underground

John Digweed To Celebrate 10 Years of ‘Live In’ Series

John Digweed To Celebrate 10 Years of ‘Live In’ Series with “Live In London” John Digweed’s Live In London is officially available to stream now! Recorded at Fabric London, the mix captures his 5 hour set from start to finish. Marking a decade since the beginning of


​NIGHTCLUBS ARE OFFICIALLY REOPENING IN SPAIN Spain is returning to the party. Clubs reopened in Barcelona and across Catalonia on Monday, June 21, with the rest of Spain ready to reopen the doors of nightlife in the sopon. A vote was held on June 2 by the Interterritorial

Netherlands Nightclubs Reopen Full Capacity

The Netherlands See Nightclubs Reopen at Full Capacity Last weekend marked the start of a new beginning for most Dutch party people. Loads of nightclubs and venues across the entirety of the Netherlands are finally allowed to reopen at maximum capacity. Bars where already allowed to be

News – Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) 2021

News – Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) 2021 It feels like ages since the last Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF). Although there was a spectacular virtual edition in 2020 it still can’t hold up to the real event. Fans will be delighted to know that the 2021 edition is


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