When I First Saw The Song Title I Must Admit I Was Highly Skeptical. How Were These Boys Going To Pull Off A New Remix Of A Classic? Not Only Did They Prove Me Wrong, They Blew Me Out Of The Water. These DJ’s Truly Kicked Ass On This One. Their Upgrade, Key Change, Beautiful Chords Introducing The Vocal In A Lush Break Is A Discovery Worth The Find. This Track Makes You Hungry For More; I Know I Certainly Was After The Third Play In A Row. The Bass Drop, Rocking House Beats, And The Temper Trap’s Iconic Vocal Does Anything But Disappoint (Nothings Worse Than A Disappointing Drop). Was I Pleasantly Surprised? No, I Was Shocked And Blown Away By This Rendition Of The Younger Bootleg. Do Yourself A Favor And Grab A Copy.