Zone Magazine Issue 007

Zone Magazine Issue 007

Zone Magazine Issue 007


Here it is loud and direct from our Dublin base HAPPY NEW YEAR and what a year it’s gunna be folks so dare to dream BIG!! Straight on it then no time to waste.

Wow! last year was epic for Zone Magazine, we have just celebrated our first Birthday party just before Christmas in the slick Front Door Venue in Dublin.

Delivered our lucky number 7 issue fresh of the press to you lucky lucky people and what a cracker of an issue it is, jam packed to the gills with banging quality content as usual.

We are delighted to have on the front cover an exclusive interview with a muzo extraordinaire from Manchester and his now adopted home Berlin, legend ‘Mark Reeder’. His musical pedigree stretches back to the 1970s which saw him in a band with Mick Hucknall. From Simply Red fame to partying with the Pet Shop Boy’s, Westbam, New Order. Actually inspiring them to write the seminal dance track ‘Blue Monday’.  Launching the careers of super star DJs and building techno record labels. This man is a true pioneer a musical entrepreneur who is known and loved by all in the music industry this guy knows everyone!

Now a Documentary has just been released about his avant-garde fairy tale life in Berlin with real BBC stock footage of his exploits. You won’t be disappointed, it’s a fantastic expose of post war life in bomb ruined Berlin the Iron Curtain and the emergence of a unique music scene. From punk to techno that has to be experienced to be believed. We couldn’t wait to organize an in-depth interview and he didn’t disappoint with 8 full pages dedicated to him is unprecedented!

We also feature the longest running Irish pirate radio station (over 23 years) Power FM and hook up with the DIs and crew who made it all happen.

Next up is Mark EG, David Forbes, Miss Motif, Bliss Festival and Legends Kraftwerk.

We will of course have our regular columns from the talented and dynamic Zone crew. With Spooky aka Declan McComiskey who will be delivering on over 20 years experience as a Mixing Engineer/Producer on all things techy in the studio, with his informative A1-2 Audio Blog.

With the no frills no nonsense talking Blue Amazon aka Lee softley with his Spits n Spats column that gives you lot the heads up on what’s what in the grime and slime of the dance music industry.

Along with the regular charts, reviews, top tens, club reviews and all things that beat.

As usual we would like to thank all of our many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love and support for what we are doing. They are listed on the left hand column on the Welcome page if you want to contact them directly with the latest scoops.

Also this issue we have the Zone Magazine FREE exclusive DJ Mix series featuring Lisa Lashes. We also have our FREE gifts from Funktion Loops, 2 sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication!

From myself and the whole Zone crew, we just wanted to say thanks again for your continued support, and nice one for reading and feeling our quality Magazine.


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