Zone Magazine Issue 010

Zone Magazine Issue 010

Zone Magazine Issue 010 – Jason Nevins


Zone Magazine Issue 010 July 2016

Well Folks, back again with another huge issue! With so much happening in the world of Electronic music, across Ireland & the world, we endeavour to capture as much as we can for you to feast your ears & eyes on! Lots of great things happening here at Zone HQ just for you lot, so keep coming back!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover man, and arguably the most talked about producer in the world at one point, Jason Nevins, it’s safe to say one man left his calling card on the global dance scene forever. Hailing from New York USA, Jason Nevins began his journey way back in 1993 as a DJ, then of course onto producing some of the finest and well-known dance tracks we still hear today in the clubs and on our radios.

” My new focus is music licensing, I’ve had it with trying to sell records and be part of that whole thing, it’s changed so much now and for the better. “

Jason Nevins

Next up is the international Techno God that is AGENT! Andreas Schreck is a DJ and producer with from Würzburg, Germany. It all began at the end of the 90’s in one of the oldest techno clubs of Europe. After a few gigs at “Airport”, he became a resident there and Agent! soon realised that his future lay in music.

” I staretd as a hip hop DJ and I used to do scratch routines, backspins, beatjuggling and all these weird things. And of course I also use these skills in my techno sets. “


We talk to a couple of guys running a new Dance night in the Netherlands called ‘Trash’. Straight out of Rotterdam, they have been running the most popular club in the City for some time. ‘Pop On Acid’ talk to us about what’s going on in the DAM!

We have Irish boys Al Kelly & Malcolm Funktion talking about their all-time top 10’s this issue, with Bazza talking about his latest top ten. We also talk to Lucien Foort, from The Netherlands. Bazza’s Ragga Stack talks to “David Booma”. We talk to Kai Patternburg from Germany, and from the UK/Ibiza Steve Altman.

” I can play drums, a little guitar, saxophone, piano and sing. It’s helped me to harmonize complex chord structures either in applying or breaking rules musically and think ahead while playing out in clubs! “

Lucien Foort

We have a feature report on Ibiza 2016, from French man Chris Geka. And a review from ‘Bloc’ event in Minehead, UK. Adding to all this we have a new section “Producer Focus’, and of course “The best sets on the net” & “Whats in your studio?” As if all that was not enough, of course, we have our regular reviews and charts from the talented and dynamic Zone crew.

Also this issue we continue Zone Magazine’s FREE exclusive DJ Mix series with Mix 005 from Spanish international DJ & Producer and one-half of Sovalo Recordings, Dany Cohiba. We also have our FREE gifts from Funktion Loops, 2 sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication! As usual, we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love, and support for what we are doing.

As usual, we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love, and support for what we are doing. From myself and the whole Zone crew, we just wanted to say thanks again for your continued support, and nice one for reading and feeling our quality Magazine, peace.

Paul & Zone Magazine Crew!  

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