[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tale. That’s the first word that comes to my mind when I think of “EDM.” My mother used to tell me “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and usually I’d agree.  Then I discovered Sora, the sky – a deep bass producer with a heavy anime influence. Yes- EDM is over-saturated; there’s a thousand and one artists so similar in production you’d swear to the gods that the large majority of main-stream electronic music was created by a handful of monopolizing individuals. However, there is a whole world of music that falls within the scope of “EDM” that is light- years apart from the aforementioned status quo… and Sora is the perfect example of just that.


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Upon first glance, you might be tempted to write Isaiah Clayton off as nothing more than a regional upstart. To be candid, I would be right there with you. However, this young, ravenous artist proves through his music that that’s simply not the case. “Ohayo,” his first official release, points to the contrary. Sora has pioneered his own unique sound within the industry, bringing his unconventional sound, known colloquially as “Ani-Bass,” to the forefront. Heavily influenced by his love for anime and Japanese culture, Clayton has formulated the perfect mixture of kawaii female vocals and bass-heavy elements, pioneering a completely new sound reminiscent of retro 8-bit gaming eccentricities.

Considering Clayton’s age, his use of such nostalgic sounds may seem unwarranted by some. That said, it is precisely this particular time period in gaming from which Sora drew his inspiration. Coming of age in a relatively unknown town in New York State, Sora was mostly left to his own devices in terms of stimulation and entertainment. It was during these formative years that the basis for his distinct concept came to fruition. His ability to seamlessly blend ethereal vocals with mind-bending, Guttura Wubz is evident on his newest track. Clayton effortlessly blends elements of riddim, traditional dubstep, and happy hardcore–stylized vocals to create a sound uniquely superior to that of his competitors.

But he didn’t get to this point overnight. Clayton’s passion for music began six years ago. While playing an obscure video game that featured a dubstep-infused soundtrack, he found himself drawn to the unfamiliar sound. Shortly thereafter, he began his musical journey. Flash forward to Sora’s birth in 2016 – an illegitimate child… a bastard of an already over-indulged, outplayed era some may call gratefully forgotten. Clayton was never the typical “cool guy – jock.” He had made peace long ago with isolation. A “wolf pack of one” by nature, he cultivated his ability to personalize and socialize through music. Doing so opened him up to other socially-feeble individuals that likewise felt as outcast as he did. Collectively, they were able to establish a cult of personality through underground electronic music.

Sora is ranked amongst the few individuals able to call themselves graduates of Full Sail University’s music production program. It is with this additional knowledge he marches forward into uncharted territories, laying his mark in confidence for the betterment of the scene as a whole. Sora stands firm in his resolve to bring underground sounds and vibes to those not yet comfortable with straying from the mainstream. The question persists – will you march with him on this journey?

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