Eric Prydz has set off on yet another venture in the electronic music world, Pryda Presents. While he already operates the imprints Pryda, Pryda Friends, and Mouseville, this new imprint will allow Prydz to give us even more music that fans so desperately want.

The first release on the new Pryda Presents imprint is set to be Cristoph’s track “Feel” which was announced in the return of EPIC Radio. In fact, the episode debuted loads of new tunes for Pryda Fans all over to dance the set away to. Coming at us next for the imprint’s second release is a track from Eric Prydz himself, under the moniker ToNja Holma, which is one of Eric Prydz’ lesser known alter-egos. With the track name yet to debut, we can only let the anticipation build for the first official release from the music maestro.

Those lucky enough to attend EPIC 5.0 in London on May 27 will most definitely be in for a treat, as the debut of his new live show will be complimented by some new tunes. We cannot wait to see some footage of this show, as the teaser videos which have shown off the new production have left us wanting more. You can also catch Prydz athis first-ever Ibiza Residency this Summer too!

It’s been 4 years since we’ve heard any music under his lesser-known moniker which he’s only released four tracks under.

During an interview with Zane Lowe the producer also confirmed there will be a new Pryda album soon:

“I’ve been making a lot of new music. For the past few months I’m doing my big EPIC 5.0 show in Victoria Park in London on the 27th of May,  I’ve been making a lot of new music for that. But also making new music for a forthcoming Pryda album, which is a name that I’ve released music under, that’s coming out hopefully later this year.”

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