Get a sneak peek at the new art car being debuted at EDC

Get a sneak peek at the new art car being debuted at EDC

Headliners, you’ve already met the Beyond Wench and the Boombox art car. Now, say hello to Parliament, the newest addition to the Insomniac art car family.
We started building this beauty almost a year ago, with the aim to create the ultimate art car experience. With the help from an incredible team of creators and visionaries, Parliament now comes to life at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, where it will make its big debut Under the Electric Sky! Dreamt up and handcrafted specifically for EDC Las Vegas, Parliament is a true example of our full creative potential here at Insomniac. And of course, we had you Headliners in mind when designing this work of art.

Featuring a 55-foot mobile dancefloor decked out with four RGB lasers, four flame cannons, a massive Funktion-One sound system, and a 360-degree LED “nest” that houses our 16-foot owl guardian, Parliament is guaranteed to bring the proper vibes all weekend long. Plus, we’re stocking it with a fully functioning bar for when we really need to get the party cracking!
We can’t wait for you all to see Parliament in person and climb aboard as it makes its maiden voyage next month at EDC.

Tickets for EDC Las Vegas are available now.

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