FESTIVAL REVIEW: The Little Festival

The Little Festival, The Steel Yard, London, England

March 18th 2017

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his was my first time to the Steel Yard, and my first time to The Little Festival. It won’t be my last. You can already tell how this review is going to go.   Tucked away down a side street near Cannon Street, the Steel Yard is one of those venues that definitely takes you by surprise. The entrance is very unassuming, through a small door on the street, we are swiftly through the friendly security check, and we’re in.

[sociallocker id=”777″] We arrive at just past 11PM, and already the venue is filling up nicely. The Steel Yard is the perfect example of the kind of venue The Little Festival team choose. Entering by the long, never overly busy bar (because the staff were efficient and most people were more interested in dancing), the crowd are already in full festival mood. As the warm up DJs do a perfect job of building the room, things are chugging along nicely. Making our way to the dancefloor the huge arches of the steelworks give what would be just any other underground venue a huge sense of space.

The set up for the Little Festival, is on point with this party. The huge LED wall behind the stage and the lighting are cleverly used to complement the music in such a way, that you almost forget that this is all created from scratch. It feels as if this setup has been here for years but the guys bring it all in themselves. Add to this, the what looked like hundreds of inflatable all over the place, and the decorations that seem to be hanging from every possible space, and the festival vibe is plain to see. The sound is perfect, loud enough for you to feel the thump of the bass, but never overbearing.

The residents on the night do sterling work of building the room up, which is basically full by midnight. Moving from deeper tech to more bouncy stuff, the crowd lap it up. All smiles and hugs on the dancefloor from start to finish. By the time Jarmo’s brilliant set comes to an end, and he hands over to Oxia, the crowd is electrified. The atmosphere is second to none. His set was nothing short of a masterclass. Yes he played “Dominoes”, yes the place went off, but that was a given really.

As Dan Gayle takes over and draws things to a close, the amount of energy in the room never lets up. Its not a frantic energy, its a feeling of fun and happiness. As the lights go up, and we all leave, the smiles still don’t fade.

The first thing that sets the Little Festival apart is the fact that these guys never take themselves too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, this event, and the planning and execution were outstanding, but they have held on to a certain aspect of clubbing that has been lost with a few promoters. Its about having fun. Its about friends meeting new friends and dancing till the sun comes up. From the moment I walked in the vibe was that everyone knew everyone. It was as if it was a reunion from the last one, even if you weren’t there, you felt like you were. That’s something quite special nowadays, and long may it continue.

Here’s to the next one.[/sociallocker]

Words By John Ricketts


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