[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any places have claimed to be ‘the new Ibiza’. But anyone who visits Ibiza will tell you it’s far from tired. In my opinion, it’s the original and the best when it comes to a clubbing holiday and more importantly for any DJ or artists. While there’s no doubt you need a larger budget than you would do for a typical clubbing or party holiday, the range of music, DJs, free parties, stunning club venues and the marketing possibilities, Ibiza has to offer is in a different league. With the season kicking off, we talk to some regular Ibiza goers about the importance of the little white island!

In a recent interview with Ibiza Voice, Alan Fitzpatrick gives us his view:

“Ibiza has always been a part of my clubbing experience. Ibiza was also at the heart of the start of things really kicking off for me career wise with how much exposure my remix of ‘I Want You’ got back in 2014. That was an important moment for me and just shows the importance and relevance of Ibiza still.”

And Carl Cox told Billboard, not so long ago:

“I can’t see it slowing down ­anytime soon. I’ve known many people who have gone to Ibiza and had the best time of their life.”

Audiohell tells Decoded:

“Space is the club that most helped my DJ career. Ibiza has changed so much. Now it’s another place compared to the Island I met for the first time”

When asked about the importance of breaking a Tune in Ibiza, Sarah Main told Essential Ibiza:

“Because most of the international DJ’s and producers play here in the summer, and they are playing the freshet cuts and productions because they know that the Ibiza dancefloor is a great place to ‘test’ their sounds.”

Chris Gekä [Juicy Music]

“Ibiza is for me one of the most important places (with Amsterdam) for electronic music. All the major players in the electronic scene (DJ’s producers, label managers, publishers …) meet for the IMS (Ibiza). It’s even funny to see some people on their social networks write “Office of the day”, while they are at a table at the Hard Rock Hotel, by the pool, drinking a drink! (It always made me laugh!). There are many evenings during this short period, often in the hottest places on the island. There is a vibe that there is not elsewhere”.

Iain Taylor [REJEKTS]

“I think ibiza is so important to Dance Music as it is such a melting pot of different scenes and musical styles not to mention the multi national aspect. Things that break in ibiza tend to echo around the world for decades afterwards! Take DC10, Space, Amnesia and Pacha! all of their more forward thinking clubs were successful in their respective home countries but after a season in Ibiza that can be the springboard to a more global presence but also give you the platform to be more experimental and really break new artists. There really is no place on planet earth like ibiza. As I tell everyone over here… I’m from Manchester but I am also an Ibithenco”.

Amir Groove [Balearic/Monday Deep Session]

“Ibiza is simply the most important hub when it comes into any type of electronic music, and music in general. For someone who is involved in the industry, then Ibiza is still the place to that attracts so many, either Djs, Producers, Club owners, Or simply clubbers”.

Nick Hook [Jeepers!]


“It was a visit to Ibiza in 1990 that inspired me to start my own club in London and to become a full-time house music DJ/producer, and it’s the unique vibe of the White Isle that continues to inspire so many house music producers today”.

Paul Sawyer [Krafted Music]

“Ibiza is the heart of the house music scene and has been for many years. There is no place like it. As soon as you arrive on the island, its full of billboards, all of which are for the events. You just don’t see that anywhere else, it’s where everyone wants to be to experience the ultimate clubbing experience. There isn’t a day in the week that hasn’t got an amazing event to attend. Whether its at one of the huge clubs or at a small beach bar, there’s always a magical feeling no matter where you are. It’s certainly a place to make new friends from around the world who come together for one purpose. It holds a special place in me and always will”.

Chloé Fontaine [Krafted Music]

“Ibiza has always been seen as the Electronic Dance Music capital of the world. For decades the white isle has set the benchmark for the rest of the world to follow. It’s a place where everyone comes together for the love of good music. Experiencing the biggest names in the music industry, night after night, side by side in clubs you will never forget.. along with some of the best emerging talent and labels showcasing their work.”

Paul Stack  [Red Robot Records]

“I’ve been visiting the Island since 92 and seen a lot of changes, some good some bad but Ibiza will always have the music. Ibiza is Vital to the Dance scene because it’s the Mecca of House Music. You see the Biggest DJs(maybe all on one night), it’s where new music gets recognised and if you make it out alive that’s a job well done because this place will swallow you up and spit you out, Ibiza doesn’t take prisoners”.

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