STAFF PICK: DREW RYN – High (Klubjumpers & Aki Starr Remix)

STAFF PICK: DREW RYN – High (Klubjumpers & Aki Starr Remix)

GENRE Dubstep

The Klubjumpers & Aki Starr remix of Drew Ryn’s “High,” is a hyperactive EDM spin on a pop-heavy radio record. Reminiscent of dance music’s initial sound during its rise to the mainstream in 2011, Klubjumpers & Aki Starr’s electro remix brings a well-balanced mix down of bass-laced wobbles, compressed drum lines, and fitting vocals.

Based on Ryn’s release last June, “High” was the forefront of the 180 EP featuring a total of six tracks. Klubjumpers & Aki Starr’s re-imagined version of the catchy mainstream song adds an element that surprisingly brings Ryn’s vocals into a subtler but balancing platform and almost sounds as if they were recorded for the dance tune itself.

A combination of snappy snare drums, tuned risers, and escalating vocal samples give the songs build up and drop a tense delivery that works well for it’s electro design. The drop itself consists of an eight bar house section then stays in-tempo but goes to a more dubstep sounding breakdown before both the interlude and exiting loop.


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