[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are a music lover, there will be many times in your life that can be defined by the music that you were listening to in that period of your life, and when you remember back, that song or album or even genre will be part of your permanent memories that will be with you forever. For A lot of Trance fans, That moment was when they heard a song that almost defined the evolving genre and that track was called ‘Gouryella’ by Gouryella.

I first heard it being played by Paul Oakenfold at my club Escape Swansea and I later found out that it was the progeny of two Dutch producers; Ferry Corsten and Tiesto. I bought the track immediately and played it at every gig for many months and still play it to this day in Classic Trance sets. Over the next few years Ferry Corsten followed up his Gouryella project with a string of Trance releases under various names and I’ll be honest I was smitten with his sound and extremely impressed with the energy and emotion that he was mixing together in the studio. Ferry came to play at Escape and our sister festival many times and I also reviewed many of his tunes and played them on my radio show as for me, he captured the Zeitgeist which was that period in Clubland, that many still look back on with fondness and rank as the best period in dance music’s ever evolving history.

” I wanted that old vibe back and that’s why I made sure I would come up with that new Gouryella track. I just wanted to do one more release to see what would happen. But because of the response on Anahera, I decided to really make it a priority again. “

In 2015 when I heard that Ferry had revived his Gouryella moniker after a 13 year hiatus and had brought out ‘Anahera’, I immediately purchased a copy and was thrilled to hear that the sound was still very much alive and that Ferry had managed to re-create that big room trance vibe and memories came flooding back of the halcyon days of Superclubbing again. And when I heard that for 2016 Ferry Corsten has gone one step further and has decided to take Gouryella on the road and perform Gouryella Live sets, the first thing I did was contact him and ask for him to come and perform in my native Wales but due to the fact that he is only performing it at large festivals etc, it was not possible. The next step was a logical one with emotional overtones and the request went in to interview Ferry for Zone Magazine about Gouryella and his other projects of which there are many. Thankfully the answer was yes and here is that interview.


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