Splash House Is Exactly What You Think It Is

[dropcap]It’s[/dropcap] almost 3pm in Palm Springs and drinks are being chugged as Flamingosis keeps us all grooving poolside. I never thought a pool party at a hotel could get this crazy. Splash House is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to see dozens of artists from the balcony of your hotel room or in a massive pool with hundreds of crazy inflatables. The best part of it all was being able to choose between three different pool party adventures. The Splash House schedule was packed with everything from multi-day hotel parties to after hour extravaganzas for their fifth anniversary.

Splash House August 2017

Splash House is a versatile summer music festival thats ahead of the game. It spanned over three hotels in three days in sunny Palm Springs last weekend. I was a virgin to Palm Springs and Splash House so it was definitely a good idea that I wore summer apparel. The first thing you’ll notice is that everyone is half naked and ready to rage no matter how hot it is.

The first night completely caught me off guard when I arrived at the Palm Springs Air Museum. The venue had a huge open dance floor with multiple bars and a food truck on site so no one was left hungry or thirsty. It was a great venue to hang out and check out aircraft while catching some acts that I never heard of before. Sofi Tukker was the duo that changed the game on Friday. They ended the night with a unique performance using guitars and a truss tree holding pictures that were being drummed on. It was a performance I you miss.

Moving on to Saturday’s festivities, I started at the Renaissance Hotel at the main stage. As soon as you walk outside you see balconies dressed up with decorations and flags. People on the balconies were getting wild and than you look straight ahead to a massive pool filled with people putting their hands up. There’s no way you can cannonball into the water without it turning into crowd surfing.

Splash House August 2017

The next venue was the Riviera Hotel but before I get to telling how that went, the ride there was a whole different experience. All the shuttle rides were free and offered water so it was like half time for sets. But just like halftime there’s also halftime shows. Each ride was like a mini club on wheels. The music literally never stops for any Splash House partier. The best part is singing along with everyone to each song as we prepare to head to the next adventure.

The shuttle pulled up to the next party stop and all you see is everyone offering each other waters and hydrating. It was a must to stay hydrated for the all day pool party tour in the middle of the desert. I figured the other hotels weren’t going to be as packed since I saw how crowded the Renaissance was. I was shocked to see the Riviera and the Saguaro hotel slammed with just as many people in the pool. The Riviera reminded me of a jungle party with all the trees and cabanas around the pool. The Saguaro was like walking into a candy land themed hotel. Feeling each vibe at all the venues was exciting. I never knew what I was going to run into with each set.

Splash House August 2017

Every artist rolled out hits for everyone to dance to. Trying to catch certain sets at different hotels is definitely tiring. Splash House was clever enough to select a variety of artist to spread the crowds interest to different locations. The only hick up I had was deciding between Big Gigantic and Kaytranada so I chose both. Big Gigantic had an unbelievable performance perfectly mixing instrumental jazz, hip hop, and electronic music. Kaytranada constantly provided us with a groove you can’t stop moving to. I couldn’t help but feel the good energy from the music at each set I caught. Every pool provided a cooling and relaxing venue for moments like this that can never be lived again.

The Palm Springs vibe is stuck to Splash House like glue. Overall the weekend was a great time to run around different hotels and catch some incredible performances. It was vacation paradise for this type of event. Compared to other festivals no other takes pride in throwing a massive pool party tour in one city for three days. They definitely win for being able to provide a wide selection of music that’s something for everyone at the convenience of your hotel room.

Splash House August 2017

Words By: Isabel Montoya

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