1. Palm Springs Air Museum

Splash House likes to pop off their 5 year anniversary with an After Hours Pre Party. Even though they take pride in throwing day long pool parties, their after hours are just as exciting. The after hours had a totally different atmosphere than Splash House during the day. It was dark at the Air Museum and the only thing illuminated were the airplanes and the artists. The Djs performing the after hours brought a renegade vibe to the venue with the music they were playing. James Murphy spinned an amazing set for those who like to dance all night. The Air Museum was the perfect dance floor to step out on, it was wide and open. The venue also had multiple bars and a food truck on site as well.

LA Weekly August 2017

2. Getting Wet

One of the key components to Splash House is definitely the inflatables. There’s probably two per person with the amount you find lying around. Whether it’s a beach ball, donut or a giant giraffe inflatable get your hands on one and ride the waves in the pool. Trust me Splash House wouldn’t be called that for a reason with out a pool to jump into that has giant animal inflatables. Pool hopping was the best way to cool down from the desert heat. If there was one thing I knew about Splash House, it was that I was going to get wet. It was my favorite part about the festival since most music festivals and concerts don’t incorporate pools. Splash House definitely sets the bar high for pool parties and any regular festival since they decided to use three this year.


Over the weekend I caught some unbelievable acts however Big Gigantic had an unforgettable performance. Nothing beats live performers at festivals. I remember getting chills when B.G.’s saxophone player, Dominic Lalli, killed it with a solo while Jeremy Salken was drumming up a funky beat. The whole atmosphere was filled with bliss as the sun set towards the end of their set.

Splash House August 2017

4. Hotel Parties

If you attend a festival at a hotel you’re bound to get invited to a hotel room party to keep raging till the security comes up and calls it a night. That’s exactly what happened and I wish it never ended. The best part is there’s so many going so you’ll catch yourself making friends and getting invited to them through out the day. There’s something about the hotel parties that provides a certain party vibe to Splash House.

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

5. Shuttle Rides

You mean party busses ? Each shuttle ride was a mini half time show. Splash House offered shuttles all day to take you to the next set. The music doesn’t stop even if it means taking a ride. I had a blast singing songs together on the way to the other venues. Singing to scrubs with your crew never gets old.

6. Water Station

Oh how grateful I was for the water station. It was the holy grail for all Splash House goers. Staying hydrated is a must if you’re in Palm Springs for any occasion in the middle of the summer. All the water stations were filled up constantly so that no one was left with out water. I really appreciated this because the heat was so exhausting.

7. Hammocks at The Saguaro

Laying down swinging to the beat can’t get any better while listening to music. I was in heaven just hanging while the sun was setting. The best place to relax was hands down the hammocks.

8. Yoga

For all the early risers there was yoga at Splash House. It started at 9:30 am at the Riviera hotel and the Renaissance Saturday and Sunday. This definitely helps when you want to get your body pumped and ready for a long days worth of pool party hopping.

9. Lawn and Pool games at the Riviera

Splash has something for everyone to do even if you don’t want to dance. The Riviera provided volleyball, giant beer pong, tetherball, and more games for everyone to play. Who doesn’t like playing drinking games in the middle of the day. Plus teaming up with randoms is definitely a great way to meet new friends. At the Chiki Pool at The Riviera I had the chance to play in the volleyball tournaments. I forgot how hard it is to try and hit a volleyball in the pool while holding a drink. My team didn’t win but it was worth trying since being outside of the pool is hotter.

10. Merch Booths

I grabbed a Splash House hat and sunglasses as soon as I could to keep the sun out of my eyes. I never felt like a merch booth came in so clutch before. Luckily Splash House sold merch like shirts, hats, inflatables and more just in case you forgot a few things at home. I saw multiple people walking away from the booths with merch because they lost their shirt or needed a hat for the sun.





Words By: Isabel Montoya

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