Think You Are Prepared For Groove Cruise?

Groove Cruise oh Groove Cruise. Where do I begin!? If you’ve been on this mythical floating adult playground before then you understand that question. If you’re a Groove Cruise virgin, your about to embark on a journey of a lifetime! By the time you come back you will classify people as either Groove Cruise Virgin’s or Veteran’s.

No matter how many renegades, undergrounds, warehouse raves, desert parties, camp outs, or music festivals you have attended nothing will prepare you for the 96 hours that awaits you. This coming from a self-proclaimed professional who has attended over 150 music festivals and events in the last 10 years alone.

Upon coming back ashore you will find that you now have a second family. You will spend the following months and years of your life with them and they will quickly become a family away from home.

#1 Could you handle 8 consecutive days of EDC or your favorite festival back to back?

Ok so picture yourself on a cruise in the middle of the ocean where there are no sound limitations, curfews, city ordinances, etc. You know what that means right?! That means 24 hour a day nonstop music and madness. Literally it doesn’t stop. From the moment you board the ship to the moment you get off the ship expect absolute debauchery. Let’s put this in perspective, picture Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas or Ultra Music Festival in your head right now. They are 3 days long for +/- 12 hours at a time, That makes Groove Cruise an equivalent to 8 consecutive days of EDC or similar. I’ll let you go get some cleaning supplies now so you can clean up the mess now that your mind was blown to smithereens.

#2 No fucks given

You won’t be sharing this cruise with any old people or children. That means that a couple thousand like-minded 21+ year old’s will be openly displaying their shenanigans, outlandish behavior, and debauchery like you have never seen. All of these beautiful friends, family and freaks all put in a confined tropical environment usually not wearing more than a swimsuit, sunglasses, and or a smile.

#3 Everyone is on the same playing field

21+ means you have people that know what they’re doing, know what NOT to do, and how to get away with it. Maintaining yourself for 96 hours straight is no easy task. I call the people that survive all four days of groove cruise and return back to work as if nothing happened the day after going home “Professional party Animals”. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college and still in party mode a movie star in disguise or the CEO of a multi million dollar corporation. We all pretend to have it together in the outside world but purposely left our minds at home. In fact, don’t be offended if you meet people that don’t instantly add you on Facebook or tell you what they really do. It’s for a good reason. It’s amazing to come back to your mind that you left at home only to have it blown away again a month later when you find something in a secret Facebook group, that you did a round of shots with a kindergarten teacher, a doctor, a congressman, a professional athlete, a feature film movie star, a CEO, a porn star, and a random person in a monkey suit that no one knew, who paid the bill. You’re all on the same playing field. Just go with it.

#4 Keep your head on a swivel

Keep your head on a swivel otherwise you may get whiplash from all the beautiful people surrounding you. It’s almost like everyone who boards has to pass a test and be a 7 or above on the attractive scale.

#5 The DJ’s are stuck on the ship too

The artists are on the ship just like you, they can’t go anywhere! It is not uncommon on the first day to take pictures with your favorite DJ’s as they are walking around. By day 3 you will be so used to it that even as you pass them in the hall or bump into them in the dining area you are both too tired from whatever adventure you’re coming from to get your phone out. You both have less than a 1% chance of remembering what just happened anyways.

If you think you can survive Groove Cruise then what are you waiting for? Cabins are almost sold out go grab yours now at!

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