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Imagine Festival, Atlanta’s homegrown iconic Electronic music festival is set to kick off in in under a month and will be the biggest festival in its league.

Imagine will take place in at Atlanta Motor Speedway on September 22 and going strong until September 24 for the fourth installation of the fest. Founded by promotional powerhouses Glenn and Maddy Goodhand (Responsible for the award-winning homegrown Atlanta promotions company Iris Presents) Imagine Fest is one of the few festivals that carries on the true independent family experience while delivering massive experience to the ticket holders. Imagine Festival takes place in Atlanta, GA a city most known for it’s non-stop party culture, Hip-hop legends, and booming film industry so it’s no surprise that an event this massive would be intertwined into the fabric of the city’s culture. With festival juggernaut, Tomorrowworld out of the picture Imagine Fest is set as the premiere camping Electronic Music Festival in the entire southeastern region of the United States. The festival started as a traditional 3-day day festival and grew into a massive 4-day camping experience featuring some of the biggest acts in the entire world. Let’s dive a little deeper into the wonderful aquatic world of Imaginarium.

Imagine Music Festival

Let’s take a dive into the Imagine Fest magic. The highly anticipated EDM festival takes place on a massive motor speedway property just south of the city’s fast-paced epicenter. The festival grounds sit inside a 1.5 mile quad oval race track that can seat over 70,000 patrons during a race, and feature acres upon acres of camping space on the outside of the festival grounds. If you ever wished that EDC was a camping festival, this is the closest you’ll get to that dream and it’s well worth it. Expect an array of upgrades from last year’s festival including: Improved interactive VIP areas, more camping options and upgrades, the return of the splash pool with VIP upgrades and cabanas, more charging stations to keep you set throughout the entire night, a more in-depth food selection, magical circus dancers, beautiful art installs scattered around the festival grounds with visionary artists showcasing their talents, yoga and transformational workshops in the Imaginarium, and a massive lineup that will keep you entertained and on the edge. A new experience to look out for is Festival Football, a coming together of soccer, music, and people. Festival Football is brought to you by SkyPitch FC and allows festival goers the chance to play the beautiful game while enjoying the music that they love, and connect with people they didn’t know before. Catch a game in the Campgrounds each day before the festival begins. Imagine Fest is partnering with The Festival Fashion Show to bring a never before seen interactive fashion show to the festival experience. Imagine Fest and Festival Fashion Show will provide 30 fans with free weekend passes to the festival!

Imagine Music Festival

The massive diverse lineup Includes seven stages with the world’s most renowned musical geniuses and future superstars. Although we’re going to have to sit in suspense to see how all of the stages, we know from last year’s festival that the stages will be some of the highest level productions featuring state of the art designs and special effects. Let’s take a look into the lineups of this year’s main stages.

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