STAFF PICK: Jiminy Hop – Thousand Miles

STAFF PICK: Jiminy Hop – Thousand Miles

SMD186 Jiminy Hop – Thousand Miles Underground EP (Suffused Music)

Russian producer Jiminy Hop returns to Suffused Music with his latest two track ‘Thousand Miles Underground EP’. Opening with Black Pepper, a track that introduces you to his deep sublime sound and quickly slides into layer upon layer of synths and drums. After thinking the subtle layers have peaked, a driving ride takes the track to another level and into the breakdown. The breakdown leaves you wanting more of the intro, so when the track drops from a huge snare roll, the cleverly layered synths take hold of your senses for what will fit the peak time of any dancefloor.Track 2, Thousand Miles Underground is the deeper of the two tracks, lots of reverb on the stabs and smooth transitions between the drums, and synths. The melodic flow of this is second to none. This can only be described as evocative, a play on emotions from start to finish.

Track List:
Jiminy Hop – Black Pepper [Suffused Music] Jiminy Hop – Thousand Miles Underground [Suffused Music]

Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Beatport: http://bit.ly/SuffusedMusic


Words By Paul Sawyer

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