ZONE RECOMMENDS: Notes On Rave In Dublin + party

ZONE RECOMMENDS: Notes On Rave In Dublin + party



Upstairs in the Wiley Fox:

Breen x Sias x Melly + DJ Kit-Kat Tennis League


Garry O’Neill / Francois + More TBC

Notes On Rave In Dublin is a roller coaster ride through the birth pangs of dance music in our dirty old town. From the democratic romance of those early loved up dancefloors to how a cold social stratification and commercialisation crept back. Leaving it up to a network of outsider labels, pirates and ravers to establish an indigenous scene that we now call our own. This is a story of how an underground works, mutates and survives.

The guys are jam-packing this screening with a panel and presentations on the making of memory in our scenes. Expect a heady brew of cultural archaeology with some serious diggers, collectors, and archivists joining us on the night. A choice collection of stalls, labels and merch makers will be hawking relevant wares in the bar too for all your stocking filler needs. Tickets for the two Lighthouse screenings of the documentary at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival in February sold out super quick – so book early to avoid disappointment. Guest Presentations On Making Memory In Our Scenes.

To start the evening three special guests are going to take us through some new projects that are digging deep into our cultural past. In no particular order; John Byrne is going to talk us through a forthcoming compilation called Quare Groove. The project unearths a collection of Irish Groove, Punk-Funk, & Electro. All of these are genres we don’t really associate with Ireland in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The records are out there though and John will talk us through how he found them and the process of pulling the whole thing together. The compilation is due to drop on Allchival (All City) in January 2018. Keep your ears peeled for that one.

Ciaran Nugent is a Power FM living legend, holding down a morning slot in its pirate heydey that schooled Dublin ravers in the broader history of electronic music. He still holds down his regular slot there, broadcasting genius selections from his garden shed. Nugent has been obsessively filling shoe boxes with flyers from the rose-tinted golden era Dublin clubbing for several years now. His project is not just an effort to establish a definitive timeline of the scene but a window into the past. This collection of cultural ephemera is more than just bits of card that survived being turned into roach material. We’ve lured him out of his shed to chat the chit out of these readymade signposts of attitudes, ethics, and aesthetics.

Garry O’Neill needs little introduction. He pulled together the whopper Where Were? Dublin Youth Culture and Street Style 1950 – 2000. It threw some serious light onto the multiple waves of influences that burst onto these shores during this period. Garry proved that Ireland had its own little islands of cultural color amidst the repressive grey of our past. As part of that book he crowdsourced tonnes of photos from the city’s original rave generation and many were featured in Notes On Rave In Dublin itself. These days he’s working on another book unearthing the history of record shops in Dublin. He’ll be bringing us up to date on the painstaking process behind the project.

The Panel Discussion with Liam Dollard, Francois Pittion, Aoife Nic Canna, Kevin Barry and Sunil Sharpe. Hosted by Kate Butler.


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