[dropcap]F[/dropcap]riday Dec 8th is the date that legendary party Shoom celebrates its 30th anniversary, going back to where it all began on Southwark Street and inviting some of its influential early guests who would go on to make a considerable contribution to the evolution of the global scene that followed those early parties. Danny Rampling, Tony Humphries, Terry Farley and Pete Heller were instrumental in the early Shoom parties but there is also a nod to the present and future with new talent with Bushwacka!, Saytek (live), Josh Caffe and ILONA, making for a string line-up for a very special anniversary.


25 years ago three chancers returned from a boys’ holiday on the White Isle – they returned to London inspired by a little known Spanish DJ, who unbeknownst to them would precipitate a club land revolution. With their newly acquired Balearic tunes and hedonistic attitudes – they would re-write the history of early 90’s dance music, with a musical movement that bred from Amnesia in Ibiza, to the dark tunnels, hidden from view, inside London’s SE1.

The opening of Danny Rampling’s infamous Shoom Club became a seminal event for the rave moment in the late eighties – a figurehead by which a slew of underground parties, in an
old fitness centre on Southwark Street, would follow. From its inception on the 5th December 1987, that ‘Balearic’ mix of funk, soul and indie infused with house imported from US and Italy, would become the sound that attracted a multi-cultural, multi-class movement of the disillusioned – brought together by their yearning to experience something unique.

The Shoom Club became a launching point for acid house culture – broadcasting its ethos from the cavernous tunnels beneath London Bridge railway station, inspiring a number of
other parties to pick up the trend and move to the area (RIP, Rave To The Cave).

Paul Newhouse from Zone had a quick word with Danny:

“Shoom pioneered a positive change and shift within youth culture nationwide in 88-89. We collectively shaped a movement and created a scene that united people as one. The early music sub culture has made a profoundly long lasting positive effect on so many people’s lives”.

“We created a cultural shift collectively and Shoom will be celebrating the culture in great style Friday 8th Dec …presenting the spirit and ethos of the club to all who attend. See you on the dance floor”.

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