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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]essismore team member Alexis Tyrel has been around under various names for more than two decades. At the age of 10 he got infected with the hardcore virus and has been present in the underground scene ever since as clubber, promoter, DJ and producer, always keeping a low profile and working with a diverse choice of people. Alexis Tyrel is one of the so many concepts and outbursts of this artist.

Alexis Tyrel has always been underground although musically this can be debated, but he would say the same about your mindset. The first decade he spent most of his time as clubber, promoter and DJ, investigating the diverse choice of electronic music and migrating from consumer to producer to fill a void in the everyday demand. This resulted in some legendary underground parties legal and illegal.

The second decade Lessismore was founded together with XL and MBC, which resulted in his first producer experience. His first releases where played by artists like Robert Hood, Ben Klock and Steve Rachmad, resulting in gigs at Ostgut/Berghain, Tresor and Awakenings and residencies at Extrema and One Madrid. At that time Alexis Tyrel was a side alter ego which put his focus on electro, till the moment Rebecca Loos was released. This track, which can be seen as one of the early minimalistic deep house tracks, migrated his music in DJ’s sets of artists like Luciano and Steve Bug. Around 2011 he released his first Album under Alexis Tyrel.

In the third decade after a long break, he started off with some prequel tracks on Lessismore and his second album called Return To Planet Alpha. The legendary and classic Belgium label Bonzai will release an earlier planted seed, let’s see where this takes us.


Could you tell us a bit about your musical roots at all?

First electronic music that I had on vinyl thru my parents record collection was from ABBA.In the 90’s I started as a dj and later also producing music. My trigger for doing this was hardcore/rave. My favorite artist in the 90’s was The DarkRaver, he also gave me my first gig.

What type of equipment did you start using back in the days?

I started in 1995 with a DOS based program called Fasttracker. Me and MBC were at that time making music together and manually typing over patterns as we did not know a copy button excited, stupid but a true story.

And how did you learn to produce electronic music yourself?

I never got help from people who knew what they were doing, I explored the music with my friends who did not know anything themselves. But I am not someone who likes rules so I try to figure out stuff myself. People will always tell you what they know and maybe it works for them but not for you, so I like to go my way.

Have you ever imagined doing something else than music?

No, but I am doing it now, I have a day job, but to be honest although it is hard I like living in two worlds as it keeps me balanced. The music should be made with no financial point in mind.

How is the clubbing scene over in the Netherlands?

In Amsterdam it should be great, but in Eindhoven my Hometown it is fucked up as there is nothing real inspiring to do. Me and some friends will maybe start doing something in the Techno genre but it has to be done right and now-a-days there are so many restrictions, will see if it will work out. If it works out, it will be obscure and something worth traveling for.

How do you prepare your sets?

I do not really prepare, I just put in some versatile music in my Traktor and try to make a nice blend of it during my time on stage. I do not put in marker or stuff like that. Try to do an old skool DJ set with modern equipment.

Anything you cannot live without actually?

Chewing gum

What’s the best part of your job? What keeps you going?

I have two jobs. Both are learning experiences. My music “job” is an addicted, so it more trying to put the breaks on sometimes as I have it in me to go to far.

What is on your roadmap for the upcoming months?

Do not really follow maps, but I am finishing up my second upcoming album “Outcast From Darkness” this will be released after my first studio album in years called “Darkside Of The Sun”. After that it is up to the next album, for the next album title you will have to hit me up in a few weeks.



Words By Theo parrish [PUSH HARD PR]




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