Zone Magazine Issue 019

Zone Magazine Issue 019

Zone Magazine Issue 019 November 2017

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell Folks, back again with a HUGE HUGE issue! Its been a great year for Zone. With so much happening in the world of Electronic music, across the world, we endeavour to capture as much as we can for you to feast your ears & eyes on! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! AND HAVE A GREAT 2018 FROM ALL AT ZONE!

In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover artist JUDGE JULES [UK]. There are DJs that have achieved a lot in their careers and people in the dance music industry that can say the same but there are not many that can say that they have done as much for the dance scene as Judge Jules.

He is a DJ, radio DJ, producer, promoter, music lawyer and so much more that its hard to know where to start in compiling a set of questions to ask someone that has achieved so much, over such a long period.

Next up,  LOU COOPER [TOOLROOM] [UK]. Toolroom Records is known internationally as one of the most innovative major brands in dance music. Launched in 2003 by the Knight brothers, Mark and Stuart, the brand has developed the careers of many artists and become such a globally successful brand that there are not many cities in this World that Toolroom have not visited and dominated the club scene.

We talk to POLE FOLDER [Belgium]. The #1 artist with his Destinations show on what’s considered the ‘go to’ radio station for progressive house, Frisky Radio, is one of the things that springs to mind when you mention Pole Folder. He was also voted Belgium’s Best DJ in 2010 with what can only be described as an impressive, multi instrument live show.

Next up from Ireland, we have, CIARAN MCAULEY. For those that are unaware as to who Ciaran McAuley is, allow me to shed more light. He is a product of universal recognition, a direct manifestation, not of ordinary but of extraordinary. His devotion and contribution to trance is more prominent than ever.

In recent weeks, T.H.E Music Essentials compiled a list of ‘10 Trance Artists that made our 2017 Better’ and Ciaran made the cut. They quoted ‘Ciaran has had no fewer than 6 top ten originals on Beatport this year, including the acclaim and support of many big names in the scene’

We talk with ALEXIS TYREL, from the Netherlands. Lessismore team member Alexis Tyrel has been around under various names for more than two decades. At the age of 10 he got infected with the hardcore virus and has been present in the underground scene ever since as clubber, promotor, DJ and producer, always keeping a low profile and working with a diverse selection of people. Alexis Tyrel is one of the so many concepts and outbursts of this artist.

In our events this issue we look at, CREAM 25, SHOOM! 30, and PLAYDifferently in the UK. We check out NOTES ON RAVE FILM SCREENING EVENT IN DUBLIN, Ireland. We catch up with Darrell Johnson, our new Vietnam resident writer, check out Party Vietname style. We also head to Germany for the anual VISIONSTAGE ROADSHOW.

Adding to all this we have our BEST SETS ON THE NET, and a STUDIO TIPS – BASIC COMPRESSION AND EQ. As if all that was not enough of course we have our regular reviews and DJ charts from selected DJ’s and the talented and dynamic Zone crew. This issue we have an extra few pages of DJ TOP TUNES 2017. And the TOP 50 DANCE CHART.


Also this issue we continue Zone Magazine’s FREE exclusive DJ Mix series. We also have our FREE gifts from Function Loops, sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication!

As usual we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love and support for what we are doing, they are listed on the left hand column on this page if you want to contact them directly with the latest news.

Paul & Zone Magazine Crew!

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