Zone Magazine Issue 020

Zone Magazine Issue 20

Zone Magazine Issue 020 Feb 2018

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell Folks, back again with another huge issue! With so much happening in the world of Electronic music, across Ireland & the world, we endeavour to capture as much as we can for you to feast your ears & eyes on! Lots of great things happening here at Zone HQ just for you lot, so keep comming back! Zone would like to welcome a few new members to the team; Alan Wyse who will be reporting from Mexico, Lukasz Bryczek based in Ibiza and Kirk Morreno in Brazil!

In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover man, and one of the icons of dance music, SEB FONTAINE. Seb has been spinning for over 30 years and travelled to every inch of the globe, Seb Fontaine has held down residencies at some of the biggest clubs in the World, as well as featuring on an endless list of festivals and events.

Next up from Ireland is COLD BLUE. Every now and again, our trance scene is graced with genuine raw talent – the type that generates hype, the type of hype that impacts on an astronomical level – a rarity; Cold Blue is a primary example of this. He is an artist that is currently dominating every aspect of the trance world, one that’s being talked about and yet completely leaving us speechless.

We also talk to MOONFACE, from the UK. Phil Thompson aka Moonface has been making his mark within the electronic music scene for well over 20 years. After DJ’ing across the South Coast of the UK for some time throughout the early 90’s, he ended up becoming an international DJ.

” The turning point was Sasha playing “U Get so Give” on one of his Radio 1 essential mix at the time that’s now seen as a classic Essential Mix.  Lee Burridge was playing some of my tracks on dub plates and Sasha heard “U Get So Give” and started to play my tracks from there on.  “

We have Irish legend LIAM DOLLARD. A fundamental figure on Dublin’s scene for the best part of three decades, Liam Dollard is far more than some museum piece held in reverence; as one of Ireland’s most progressive DJs, the thought of being looked at in serene doe-eyed glances would probably make the usually calm and reasoned Dollard throw vinyl like frisbees at perpetrators of such cliche.

” I was there from 1987 onward and I’d been immersed in the local house/club scene. Dj’s playing those days included the likes of Paul Anderson, Danny Rampling, Colin Hudd and Trevor Fung. “

We also talk to two guys from the UK, LUKE BRANCACCIO & SIMON BERRY whom are no strangers to electronic music. Luke Brancaccio London based DJ and Producer from Suicide Sports Club & Brancaccio and Aisher, and Simon Berry, head man and founder of Platipus Records and responsible for many progressive trance records in the early 90’s, he is also one half of Union Jack!

” Luke and I have been talking about doing some combined DJ/Live gigs with decks and synths etc. which could be fun. Hopefully they’ll be the opportunity for that to happen down the line. “

Also from the UK, we have PHAT PILGRIM. Bruce Campbell, aka Phat Pilgrim is no stranger to the scene. Having produced under the moniker A9ent0ran9e for over a decade, he helped create a unique sound in the south east of the UK. Fusing elements of psychadelic trance, breakbeat, dub and house, hisdebut album “Fix your shadow” threw all of these into one pot, and ensured acclaim from fans and industry heads alike.

From the UK again we speak to SIMON SINFILED on his new album Krafted Chill Vol2. Beavering away in the depths of the New Forest, Simon Sinfield has been producing for many years. Not only dance music, but engineering and producing for many bands over the years and for many of the major labels. He’s A & R for Krafted and also runs the Krafted online station, as well as having numerous releases across many labels. With the forthcoming Chill Album Volume 2 set for release early part of this summer, we caught up with Simon after the completion of the album.

Once again we find tallent in the UK, from JOSH CAFFE. Josh Caffe, D.J. and vocalist, has reached a new plateau of acclaim over the last few months; collaborating with friend and fellow underground sage Hannah Holland on the lauded Fade to Me, producing his own tense sexual magnum opus Death of Aquarius showcase, with its follow-up Black Magik Dawn pt. 1 EP about to send taste-buds in hyper tingle mode.

We talk to another two guys from the Netherlands, FISHERMAN & HAWKINS. For the past couple of years Fisherman and Hawkins have been making a name in the global trance scene. With countless hits and gigs around the globe these two friends decided it was time for a new direction.

” ‘Apache’ was a track that was right in thebullseye. It was a big hit and meant a lot for us. I think after that release our career got a big boost. “

From progressive label Pro B-Tech we speak to PRO B-TECHBrent Dawson & Ingo Vogelmann. If you’re into Progressive House and I mean true progressive house, then you would have heard of Pro B Tech Music. Brent Lawson and Ingo Vogelmann are the brains behind what has become one of the best labels in this genre.

” It has always been about experiences, people, not the recognition or financial side, I have seen some real crappy things happen in the industry that have put me off, but I always bounce back quickly. ” – Brent

We check out whats happening in Brazil, and we where at at Motion in the UK for JUNCTION 2 FESTIVAL. Adding to all this we have of course BEST SETS ON THE NET and STUDIO TIPS is back with Daneil Daly. This issue covering the A 2 Z of Engeneering. In our Gera reviews with check out the SONIBLE SMART:EQ+.

As if all that was not enough of course we have our regular reviews and charts from the talented and dynamic Zone crew. Also this issue we continue Zone Magazine’s FREE exclusive DJ Mix series and we also have our FREE gifts from Funktion Loops, 2 sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication!

As usual we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love and support for what we are doing, they are listed on the left hand column on this page if you want to contact them directly with the latest news.

From myself and the whole Zone crew, we just wanted to say thanks again for your continued support, peace.

Paul & Zone Magazine Crew!

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