Festival Review: Electronic family 2018 @ Autotron Den Bosch, Netherlands

Electronic family 2018

Festival Review: Electronic family 2018 @ Autotron Den Bosch, Netherlands – 28th July

A festival of peace, love, unity and respect. This is already the 8th edition of Electronic Family. This festival established itself as the trance festival to be for trance lovers. With its origin in Amsterdam, this festival moved last year to Den Bosch (Autotron) a much more centralized location in the Netherlands. According to the organizers ALDA this is the biggest outdoor trance event in Europe. With over 40 DJ’s playing from 12.00 till 23.00 today over 3 stages and a secret stage (secret garden).

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his festival is packed with the elite of the trance scene, so we can we easily imagine this being the biggest trance outdoor event. Unlike last year the festival is one day only but the twist this year is that every DJ will be playing back2back with the exception of the secret garden.


The main stage was a bit smaller than last year but the quality of the line-up was uncanny. All outdoor stages have had these wooden-, bamboo-, leaf-elements on them which fitted perfectly into the surroundings of on outdoor festival surrounded by trees and a huge lake. The indoor stage was loads of LED combined with metal works fitting perfectly with the tech-trance sound being played there.

Notable names playing on the main stage are Gareth Emery, Ørjan Nilsen, KHOMA and Vini Vici. For me, a special moment was when Gareth Emery started playing his track “U” a collab he made with the talented singer-songwriter Bo Bruce in 2014. Hearing that track immediately sets me in a good mood.

The sun is shining and all happy people dancing around me. What sets this festival apart is also a big age difference towards other festivals. This feels more like a mature festival with most of the crowd being older than 30.

Whereas most festival crowds tend to a younger audience you can definitely tell that this crowd grew up with trance and still embraces it as their music. Something that could really be seen at the second outdoor stage the “Legends” stage. This stage was all about the “old” trance with names like Ronski Speed, Rank1 Johan Gielen and Fred Baker you can only expect the best of the classics here.

For me, this stage was definitely one to spend some time at. Hearing “Delirium-Silence” a couple of times was only making it so much better. Most tracks that came passing by you could people see moving their lips or bumping their fist to the rhythm of the beat.

Like last year the indoor stage is hosted by “Grotesque”. An indoor stage filled with the best tech-trance sounds of the moment. Some of the DJ’s that played there are RAM, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H and Chris schweizer. Once we have some time to walk over the festival we see here Daniel Skyver and Allen Wats throwing it down.

Altho it is a really warm Saturday and you probably wouldn’t like to party indoor, the organizers took good care of us. Two supersized fans blowing cool air in the crowd. You can be sure that people enjoyed the cool breeze while dancing.

A special detail of this event was the “secret garden” stage. This stage was in a secluded area in between some big trees that gave some nice shade. This stage was only available to those lucky few that got a special ticket. You could get your hands on this tickets at an early stage on the website. Although the tickets where free but you had to register in time for them.

At specific a time, you could enter this forest and had a real intimate moment with DJ’s like Johan Gielen, Sean Tyas and Alex M.O.R.P.H. Every DJ played a 30-minute set. We had a chance to be part of this happening. With no more then 50 people this special touch was one of the highlights of this festival. Afterwards, the DJ’s took their time for some selfies with the lucky few that managed to be at this happening.

And obviously, we had some drinks and foods. With 4 tokens costing 10 euro, there is nothing wrong with these prices. With most food costing 2 tokens. The food was provided by a couple of food trucks. There was even a candy food truck where you could get actually lollypops or other sweet childhood memories.

But also a pizza truck, Hotdog truck and the overall healthy fruit truck. Something you see more and more these days and we can only applaud to.

If you love trance this festival delivered it all. Great DJ’s, a very nice location, happy people and overall good music.

A big thank you to Lisa from Alda events for making this an unforgettable day for us. Whether it was getting us the internet password, drinks or setting up our last minute interview with Ørjan Nilsen, there was nothing she didn’t do for us with a sincere smile on her face. (Yes The interview will soon be available on our website.)



Words By Thorsten Benders

Photos by Sebastian Gruben

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