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It’s fair to say that one of the UK’s biggest exports in the techno world is Ben Sims. A man who has stayed true to his sound ever since he started spinning, never compromising and managing to deliver a relentless yet meticulous set each time he plays out. Add to this, a worldwide recognition of his production talents with releases on Drumcode, KMS, Tresor, CLR and many others including his own Machine brand (with Kirk Degiorgio) and events, the man has a touring schedule that means every weekend is solidly filled up, well in advance. He very kindly took some time out for this interview, ahead of his closing Machine tour gig at Fabric this Saturday!

I have always wondered how he acquired the nickname of Sims when it isn’t his surname.

“I chose it actually, used to call myself ‘Ben S’ in the pirate radio days and wanted to lose the initial but not use my real name (for obvious legal reasons), so I became ‘Sims’. I was a fan of the original queen of hip-hop soul ‘Joyce Sims’ in the 80s so it was partly a homage to her and frankly, it just sounded better. It took a while for my friends and me to get used to it but now, some 25 odd years later, it’s by far the name most people know me by and I tend to forget it’s not the name on my passport.”

Machine hits fabric London on Nov 3rd 

Also, Ben Sims presents Tribology is released mid-September on Machine.


Words By Louk

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