Zone Magazine Issue 024 – Erick Morillo

Zone Magazine Issue 024 – Erick Morillo

Well Folks, back again with a huge issue! Welcome to 2019. With so much happening in the world of Electronic music, across the world, we endeavour to capture as much as we can for you to feast your ears & eyes on! Lots of great things happening here at Zone HQ just for you lot, so keep coming back!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover legend ERICK MORILLO. Erick is a man of many talents and a name that is synonymous with success in the music industry where he has achieved a great deal across a broad spectrum. He is a platinum selling artist and has topped the charts worldwide with his hit record “I Like To Move It’ which he recorded under one of his many aliases: ‘Reel 2 Reel,’ and was used as the theme music to the hit film Madagascar.

” I’ve always enjoyed playing in Ibiza. For me it has always been extra special.  I love the vibe and the energy of the island and of the clubber who bring the love of music each night to the dance floor and make the DJs feel amazing “

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We also talk to Italian Star DJ and Producer JOE T VANELLI. It’s impossible not to think of Joe T. Vannelli if you wanna think of a polyhedric and transversal dance artist. His house music is worldwide appreciated: several times his radio show Slave To The Rhythm is the most downloaded in the Itunes library. Since February 2011 STTR has been broadcasted by Radio m2o (Italian dance radio), every Saturday from 7 to 8 pm. STTR now celebrates its 450th episode. Now STTR (UK version) is broadcasted in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Red Sea, Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina and Greece.

” Even if sometimes the magic of the DJ is shelved from the ranking that determines the worldwide success of a character. Most of the time the big producers are bad DJs, and the big DJs are not good producers “

We also speak to Techno God, from the UK, BEN SIMS. It’s fair to say that one of the UK’s biggest exports in the techno world is Ben Sims.  A man who has stayed true to his sound ever since he started spinning, never compromising and managing to deliver a relentless yet meticulous set each time he plays out. Add to this, a worldwide recognition of his production talents with releases on Drumcode, KMS, Tresor, CLR and many others including his own Machine brand (with Kirk Degiorgio) and events, the man has a touring schedule that means every weekend is solidly filled up, well in advance. He very kindly took some time out for this interview.

“There are still plenty of countries I’ve never played that I’d love to try. Iceland/Russia/China spring to mind immediately. Events wise, I’d love to take my ‘Ron Bacardi’ House and Disco sets to parties like Dimensions in Croatia, Dekmantel in Holland or Mutek in Canada – I always see a great balance of styles on their line ups. It would be great to drop some more Roots reggae and dub sets too, it’s so much fun doing it at Field Maneuvers every year and I really hope I can do it more often.”

From Germany, we speak to Goa star TIMO MANDL. Born in 1983 in a small town called Remstal, he is a child of the ’90s and that is something you really can hear. He paints his sets with punishing bass and marching kickdrums in speed that no one can resist dancing. With Swabian classics like Ted Teclebran or Dodokay and Ernst & Heinrich as well as some trash classics, 90’s and so on, he creates magical moments that make every set kind of unique. “S!ck rulez!”

” Everyone can do something really great. One is the greatest on a skateboard, a thing that I dream of since I was a child, another one can do something else and I am lucky to be good in making music “

From the Netherlands, we speak to duo DEEP DIMENSION. Holland has always had a high-quality reputation in the Electronic music world, with so many artists coming from there, and a general attitude towards events that should be adopted across the world but sadly isn’t (and that’s coming from someone who is from England!).  In 2018, I received a mysterious promo from a big Dutch distributor to write about and when I first played it, the tracks they blew me away.  A quick facebook message to the composers to let them know my support and how good the EP was, with it being a previous Zone Magazine tune of the month, led to us becoming friends. I’m talking about Deep Dimension, the pairing of Jimmy Van De Geijn and Jeffrey Hek.  2018 has been an absolutely amazing year for them, from the first release on Gen X being licensed to Rekids, and a string of releases on some prestigious labels such as Eturia Beat, Planet Rhythm, Gomboc and many more lined up for 2019.  Their DJ careers are starting to skyrocket too with numerous sets for Verknipt and Basis to name but a few.

“We would love to work with Ben Sims or Steve Rachmad. These two old school artists are a real inspiration for us. Besides these two artists we would also would love to work with Stranger & Remco Beekwilder. These two artists are an example for us and we are big fans of these guys.”

From Romania, we speak to HY2ROGEN. Andrei Axinte AKA HY2ROGEN is a music producer, sound designer, remixer and label owner from Romania. His story in the music world begins almost two decades ago and has imprints of hundreds of productions and remixes released under a multitude of aliases that have climbed charts and radio shows. His samples have been present for almost a decade in the EDM scene and surely find their way inserted into the tracks and on the hard drives many producers. I had the pleasure recently of speaking to Andrie taking a look (as so to speak) into the sample/preset pack world available to us via Hy2rogen & gain some insight into the samples business.

” My general rule in life is do what you love. I could not imagine my life without not creating some type of musical expression but if wasn’t the case I would turn to my other passion – nutrition and fitness. My current lifestyle revolves around music and fitness and I could never be happier as I can do what I love and even support myself with these “

We check out what’s happening in clubland: MEGAN WILLIAMS checks out IMAGINE FESTIVAL 2018. MAZ checks out ADE 2018 with his ADE Journal. And Craig Roxburg checks out DANCERSHIP @ THE TERRACE, in the UK.

Adding to all this we have of course OUT & ABOUT with Megan Williams – Select club and festival pics, and BEST SETS ON THE NET with Hugo MaCann. And LOUK checks out Adam Szabo’s Viper, Synapse Audio – The Legend and Mystery Islands Virus HC in our GEAR Reviews.

As if all that was not enough, of course, we have our regular reviews and charts from the talented and dynamic Zone crew. Also this issue we continue Zone Magazine’s FREE exclusive DJ Mix series and we also have our FREE gifts from Funktion Loops, 2 sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication!

As usual, we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love and support for what we are doing,

From myself and the whole Zone crew, we just wanted to say thanks again for your continued support, peace.

Paul & Zone Magazine Crew!

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