Wonderful days – Bootshaus, Germany Feb 9th 2019

Wonderful days – Bootshaus, Germany Feb 9th 2019

When you hear the words “Wonderful Days” probably the first thing that comes to your mind is that
great old school track by “Charlie lownoise & Mental Theo” or maybe if you are a bit younger that
new remake from “Cuebrick”.

What if I told you that it was the name of a new event hosted in the legendary “Bootshaus” club.
Being the number 11th club in the world you can be sure that this event would host a massive
lineup. More then 25 DJ’s hosted on 4 floors. Even for the “Bootshaus” it is uncanny to have all 4
floors open at the same time. Each area was hosted by a different partner and was packed each time
I went for a quick look to see whats going on there.

“Wonderful Days” is an homage to the golden days, the glory days the good old times, for those
that grew up in the 90ties. That kids that listened to MTV, VIVA, went to the “Loveparade” or any
other “Rave”. Those glow stick waving, flare pants wearing, neon clothing colored wearing kids.
Those kids that now are in there 30ties and 40ties and want to relive those magic moments from
their youth. “the 90ties slogan “Peace, Love & Unity” was the mantra this evening. The music
ranged this evening from Techno tot Eurodance over to trance and Electro.

The line-up was one of epic proportions. Mark Oh, Marusha, Kai Tracid, Dj Quicksilver, Miss Djax,
DJ Falk and so many more. They all played their classics either the original or one of the countless remixes made over the last decades. For me, one of the best moments was hearing “Kernkraft 400 –
Zombie Nation”, for some of you that track means nothing or do not even know that track, but for me that track brings back some good memories.

The whole evening was filled with classic tracks and memories, people floating away in a trance
like state of enjoying the music and remembering the old times. The average age was easily 30 and
up, and not many young people attended this event. But those that did got a glimpse in a long
forgotten time of the truly wonderful days (pun intended) of the rise of the rave culture. Not many
know that those pioneers started it all. Those brave souls organizing underground parties that one
day evolved to a massive “love Parade” in Berlin. The pinnacle of the rave culture. And that spirit
was very well alive this night.

Probably a sight for sore eyes was to see so many DJ’s pulling out their vinyl collection. I was
standing behind Marusha and Kai Tracid when they delivered their sets. The skill these 2 to used to
lay down such a perfect set, without all the laptops and sync buttons, was a joy to see. The crowd
was living and loving it all. If there is one event I urge you to go to if you are past 30 and want to
relive a bit nostalgia of the good old raver days, this is it. Great location, great line up, great people
overall an evening of feeling good and enjoying a brief moment in history.

As most of you know by now is that the “bootshaus” audience is one of the most passionate
audiences out there. With the best DJ’s in the world wanting to play the legendary mainstage there.
No wonder if you know that the club is the 11th best club in the world right now. Altho many of the
people I spoke that night had never been there before. They all agreed it was a legendary night and
most of them are waiting eagerly for the next episode.

A big thank you goes out to Jerome Steinberg and his beautiful wife Sissi Nehrig for inviting me to
the backstage/vip area of this amazing event. The warm welcome they gave me when they saw me
made me feel like a celebrity myself. Jerome is the head of “lentrome Music” and works with some
of the artists that played at the event, but also works closely with “FRDY” the resident DJ of
Parookaville. I had a chance to meet these 2 lovely people last year at Parookaville and I was
surprised to bump in to them here. This shows again how small the music scene is.
Since I wrote an article about Parookaville last year. I will put a link to that review underneath this

A quick word to the backstage. Most people always have these magical thought when they hear the
word backstage. Since I had a rare opportunity to take visit the Bootshaus backstage. It is not a big
deal. It is rather an odd place to be if you do not know anyone there. Since I knew some people
from working in the scene I could blend in and talk to them. You get a chance to see some artists
relax, socialize, eat or drink. You might have a chance to talk to them or even take a picture with
them. But it is really odd walking up to them and go all fanboy/girl when you see them. Most of
them stay in the backstage to relax and do not want to deal with fandom. Most artists take the time
right after the show to take pictures, write signatures or answer your questions. So word of advise, if
you ever get invited in to the backstage always follow what your host do. If you see a celebrity and
want to take a picture with them or talk to them ask your host if he/she can introduce you to them.
Remember everyone has a right to his/her privacy and the backstage should be treated as a safe



Lentrome Music:

Photography By Dimension Media:

Parookaville article:

Words By Thorsten Benders

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