Interview – The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo – Modular Sessions #1

The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo – Modular Sessions #1
Techno. More Techno. Raw Techno!

The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo just releasing their joint album “MODULAR SESSIONS #1” on frech label Enchante Records. Hard to imagine, but this work was recorded by the two artists in a single session. Two incredibly exciting artists have locked themselves in the Central Massif of France and the result is an exciting techno masterpiece. Zone was able to have a short chat with the two of them to take a look behind the still young project.


You know each other and have worked together for a long time now, what makes the partnership work?
: it’s a partnership about friendship. We have no rules. We see each other when we have time and each time it’s getting along very well. Sometimes, we want to spend a few days in the forest in a house. We bring synths, modular and we play music when we want it. That time, it was productive.
Simon: Greg already says everything i wanted to say, i feel dumb.

As producers you have a special style so how would you describe the genre of your latest album MODULAR SESSIONS?
: I would say techno. Maybe electronica?
Simon: I like to call that RAW techno!

What is it you really like about Techno and the scene?
: Dancing. I love the fact that all these peoples in the crowd, dancing together. And the sound. I’m always excited about textures and sounds.
Simon: The rumble! It’s one of the only music you can almost feel physically

Could you tell us how have you been influenced by your local or french music scene?
: When you live in Paris, you met other artists at shows, parties, etc… You listen to their work and automatically it influences you. It’s makes you wanna bring your music to the next step.
Simon: And you also know what NOT to do!

Could you list some of gear you have used producing it and tell us about the modular systems you love most?
: Bitbox’s 1010 music for all the drums parts, I love it / Domino’s Eowave for the acid basslines and most of the Mutable instruments Modules, they are amazing! We used some FX pedals as well, Mostly Space echoes and Reverb, just as the Hall of Fame 2 by TC electronic.

So what’s coming up over the next few months for Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo?
: I think we’re gonna take a car next month and record the volume 2!
Simon: I didn’t know that, but surely !


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Photo by Nicolas Delorme

Words by Theo

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