Cosmic Gate @ Bootshaus & Emma Hewitt Interview

Cosmic Gate’s “20 Years Forward Ever Backward Never Tour” presented by AWAKE.

I recently headed to the iconic “Bootshaus” to catch one of the most influential trance duos who are now celebrating 20 years in the industry. Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems known as “Cosmic Gate” have released multiple albums and have remixed even more tracks over their impressive career.

I have heard it so often this past years, but the ones that keep saying that “trance is dead” should have been at this massive event. Cosmic Gate called and the masses flocked towards the number 8 club in the world. Celebrating their “20 years: forward ever backwards never” tour. So many prestige locations all over the world they are blessing with their unique sound. We gut lucky enough that they brought so many high ranking DJ friends along, like Ilan Bluestone, Gareth Emery and Richard Durand.

The duo kicked off at midnight and performed for almost 2 and half hours providing high energy and a variety of trance tunes that kept the crowd dancing. They were set up next to the regular legendary Bootshaus DJ-booth. The stage there provided a better set up for their visuals, a projector behind them displayed different graphics throughout the show.

I think that for the fans it wasn’t about the production of their tour but about the music and it was more than enough to entertain them. The night felt like a mountain that we kept climbing, getting higher and higher with each song. These guys know how to put on a great show and keep it going for a long time. They played most of their greatest hits, and the crowd loved it.

While many other DJs have switched to a more mainstream base, Cosmic Gate remains true to their roots and focuses on building around that brand. Once you see them play in an area, they will not play in that same area for a while. Few artists in their field remain true to their trance beginning and it makes these shows so much more special and meaningful.  

As a special treat for us they had invited the talented Emma Hewitt on stage. Which makes sense since they collaborated on so many tracks in the past. She entertained us with some of their greatest hits live. For me this was a special moment since you do not get a change to see her live that very often.

For his set, Gareth Emery did an impeccable job. You can definitely feel him connecting with the crowd as he transitioned from one song to the next. Since I haven’t seen him live before but really like his tracks, I was ready to see him perform live. There was no complaining from my side or the fans that stayed to watch him perform. He played my favorite tracks and you felt that he tried to connect with the fans. Always keeping an eye out at the crowd and always looking to surprise them with his next track. He is one of the few DJs and producers, where I can listen to his entire show front to back, without getting bored or tired. The musical variety was quite eclectic.

Overall it was a magical night. Most fans I spoke came to see “Cosmic Gate” but loved the progress during the night. We went from the purest trance in the early hours to the harder styles in the later ones. A great build up for any fan of this genre. It was great to see that so many people old and young still love Trance music. Mostly it is great to see so many younger faces among the crowd. Love shows that are not really about fireworks and lasers but about music. This night was such a night. So many people dancing and enjoying the music. Unbelievable that it is already 20 years ago Cosmic Gate blessed us with their first sounds. Their songs new or old are for some nostalgia’s sweet kiss which remains pure and real. I bow my head to everyone who has there this night to celebrate another milestone in trance history.

Hi Emma nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you to.


You used to live in Australia but then you started moving around the world. How did that happen?

Yeah, you know I love Australia and I grew up in Australia but it is very far from everywhere. Like if they moved Australia closer to everywhere like Europe I lived there but yeah. It is to far to fly all the time.

You lived in Amsterdam for a while.

Yeah indeed I did for a short while and you know I loved Amsterdam and I lived in Berlin for a while as well. It was beautiful but the winters are, I hate to say it, are from growing up in Australia, I can’t, I can’t do it (laughing) I had to leave in the winter. I couldn’t.

I am dutch myself so I am all time in Amsterdam. But whats is the difference for you from Amsterdam and now living in Miami.

The weather that is all it is. I love the vibe in Amsterdam, I love the vibe in Berlin but yeah I have to live somewhere you know like in the summertime. I love the sun and the warm weather.  

I have seen you at Electronic family last year. So what do you prefer more Singing or doing MC-ing.

(Laughs) Oh! god! no no MC-ing, I was terrible at that I hate that (more laughing) It was fun but I love singing. I am quiet shye to be honest even tho I might seem a little extroverted when I sing. I love singing and connecting with people that way, but talking is not my strong point. I get very nervous doing that. (laughs)


How is it for you being in the Bootshaus? Like being in the best club in Germany.

Oh! It is so cool. What a great vibe here, it is amazing. Like the people so much. The vibe is intense as a great energy. It is my first actual show in Germany so even though I lived here before and I am touring all over the world it is my first real show in Germany. I am super excited that it is here in like one of the best clubs in the world

So how do you see the evolution of trance these next years. They say trance is death but i dont see it.

When I go to different places for example in LA the parties are huge and the festivals still have trance artists at the mainstages. So i feel it always swings around, up and down. You know some years they say it is down and some years it is up again. For me I came from rock music I accidentally happen to get in to trance music. So I do not really care so much what people say, I just keep writing songs and that is it all about.

You worked with a lot of artist over the last couple of years. Who did you liked working with the most?

I have to say “Cosmic Gate” because they are such great guys. They are so cool, I love them so much. The are great producers and they are really awesome people. I love it.

What artist you haven’t worked with yet, would you really like to work with in the future?

I would say right now “Illenium” he is an American producer/dj he is doing some real cool kinda stuff, like future base style music and I love it. It is very dark and emo which is what grew up on. Yeah so somebody like that perhaps or

There are so many different festivals in the world. Which one would you like to perform at?

I would love to do Tomorrowland. I have never done it yet, so I don’t think they have singers there but I just want to be there. Maybe I will never get there as a singer, then I just go as a fan (laughs)


Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your tour. With “Cosmic Gate”

Thank you for having me.

Words By Thorsten Benders

Pics By Frank Schmid

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