Dear Zone Readers

First off I would like to say that I am extremely honored, humble and grateful that I have been asked to contribute to Zone.  

I have put many weeks into thinking about how I could offer the best service to you and have decided this article will be based on questions you may ask me directed mainly towards anyone who has interest in contributing or is thinking about contributing to the world of Dance Music and Club culture.. 

Keeping in mind that I am not a liscenced therapist or doctor, I am here to offer technical and relational advice from my years of experience . I respect all of us DJ’s and producers… from the bar room DJ’s and bedroom producers to the current headliners at festivals and clubs as I have been blessed to be all of these.

I graduated from Universty for Mechanical Engineering Sciences. However, I  found that I had a passion as a DJ and producer when I took a year off after my studies.  Since then  I have lived and sampled the full range of “stuff” and people this business has to offer. I am very familiar with the music industry business and relationships.   

In 1998 I wrote and produced a modern classic track that you may know as “HOUSE MUSIC” . I f you don’t know it, check it out! This sent me directly onto the international touring DJ scene overnight.  My next 2 productions were “Rise” on Defected then Psycho X Girlfriend on Yoshitishi.

I have DJ’ed, produced and lived  all over the world  and worked with many  others.  I spent years remixing for major labels (obtaining a Grammy nomination for my remix work) .  My original productions appear on many labels from Fidget, Defected, Subliminal, Suara, Mochicka, Warner Brothers and many more.

 Because of this I feel qualified to offer advice exctracted  from my years of mistakes and successes.

Technically , I use Ableton for production and Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS series and rekordbok. I have used loads of analog gear and of course began on Vinyl records with technique 1200s and any mixer a club had to offer. 

Again, all things that affect us DJ’s and producers are open for discussion. 

I pray I can offer sound advice and patiently look forward to any questions you may have to assist you in your journey !

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Eddie Amador

It’s a Spiritual Thing ,
A Body Thing,
A Soul Thing!

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