10 Reasons NOT To Go To Parookaville

If you ever doubted visiting Parookaville Festival (Germany’s biggest EDM festival). Here are some solid reason not to do so.

If you never heard of Parookaville, let me explain to you. Parookaville is an electronic dance music festival held each year in July in the German city of Weeze. After some serious thinking I came up with 10 good reasons to never ever visit this festival.

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1. You do not like music, specially electronic (dance) music. Parookaville is host to many famous DJ’s; Armin van Buuren, Don Diablo, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, The Chainsmokers, Alesso and many more. If you are not fan of the world favorite DJ’s you best stay home.

2. You hate/fear people. Parookaville has been know to grow each year. This year 210.000 people (average age 26) between visited the festival over the weekend. The camping alone boost over 40.000 people. And they have no intention in stopping there. There goal is to host 300.000 happy people over a weekend. So if you have a problem with people you best stay at home and dance in front of your mirror.

3. Parookaville is a self proclaimed free state. Each year they claim an old RAF air force base and turn it in to a real city. They hand you a passport and you become a citizen. The city boost a store, church, post office, dentist and many other services. And yes you can actually marry in that church and the city has its own post stamp. So if you already have those services in your city no need to join this free state.

4. Immersion is not your thing. As I mentioned the free state before. Parookaville is an experience for itself. Where the whole festival is transformed in to a city, you actually get to take part of this city. The passport you get handed get stamped every year. There are various activities on the festival terrain you can be part of. Loads of these activities give you a special stamp in your passport. (Each year has new stamps and it is a sport for some to hunt them all).

5. Festivals are just for the music. If you just go to festivals to see a stage with artists performing then Parookaville is not for you. Parookaville’s Mainstage is over 200 meters and fully 3D with working parts and everything. And then I am not even talking about the other stages. The love for detail you see in the stages and generally around the whole festival is immense.

6. You do not like sponsoring. Parookaville is a free state and every free state needs an income. So many of the affore mentioned business are sponsored by brands. The church is sponsored by Warsteiner, the supermarket by Penny, the jail by Moskovskaya and so fort. There is so many branding there but the good thing is it is al so great incorperated into the city that it feels all natural.

7. Not a fan of gay marriage. As I mentioned before Parookaville is a free state with its own church. This church has the real power to marry people. Every year a few lucky ones get selected to marry in front of the law. This year for the first time a gay couple got married there. This marriage is celebrated with a loads of drinks and music.

8. You’re not fan of steampunk. Every free state has its founder. In this case the story has it that Parookaville was founded by Bill Parooka. Bill left a notebook containing different steampunkesque designs. Those designs are brought to life (each year more are added) by the fantastic team of Parookaville. There is even a statue of the founder in the towns square. Also you see parades in the streets where people are driving weird steampunk inspired vehicles and dressed up in some very cool looking steampunk inspired outfits.

9. Camping is not your thing. Every year about 40,000 people flock towards its immense campsite. Where you have different options. You can either bring your own tent, rent a tent on site, rent a cabin on site with all the luxury comfort it brings. The campsite even has there own big opening party at Thursday (only campers are allowed) besides that they have access to a huge store (6 times the size of a normal store of the same brand) which holds all the food/beer and any other useful things a camper needs. From a simple beer to pillows, to toothbrushes everything can be found there. So if camping convenience isn’t your thing you best camp in utter solitude in a forest.

10. Hate spending money. Parookaville is a full fledged festival and it comes with a price. A regular day ticket will set you back for around 100 euros, a full weekend one setting you back for around 210 euros. A full weekend comfort camping ticket would set you back 285 euros (tent included) The merchandise prices are the same as any other festival, same goes for food tokens (3.50 euro for 1 token). It is definitely not a cheap festival but in comparison to other festivals I recommend you visit it at least once in your life time.

So next time you want to visit the fabled free state called Parookaville remember that we warned you not to. Although if you do so we wish you all the magical fun and joy we had when we visited the city of dreams.



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