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Zone Magazine Issue 027 – SRVD


Zone Magazine Issue 027 – SRVD

Well Folks, back again with a huge issue! With so much happening in the world of Electronic music, across the world, we endeavour to capture as much as we can for you to feast your ears & eyes on! Lots of great things happening here at Zone HQ just for you lot, so keep coming back! We would like to say to our devoted writer LOUK a fare well, as he will be leaving Zone to take care of his new family! In his place we welcome Techno man MARK NEENAN.

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In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover artists SRVD. The Rekids label have become a prevalent force in the house and techno world over the past fifteen years. With numerous releases receiving critical worldwide acclaim. Label owner Radio Slave made waves teaming up with fellow label mate Patrick Mason as ‘SRVD’, for their more aggressive techno sound.

We also talk to Irish born GUSTIN. Currently based in Ibiza, Gustin is resident for Nick Warren’s ‘The Soundgarden’ events series. He began dj’ing in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, playing inner city house parties and illegal after hours clubs in the mid 90’s. Then upon re-locating to Amsterdam just after the millennium he caught the ear of Jayhwalk, resulting in a residency allowing him to fully develop his sound alongside industry stalwarts such as Matthew Dekay and Halo & Hippee and also curated his own weekly event named ‘House of Progress’ (HoP) where he played regular seven to eight hour solo sets. In 2015 Gustin moved to Ibiza where he currently lives year round, and with a recent Argentina tour alongside gigs at Rapture Festival in Miami, Hibernation Festival in Andorra plus another series of The Soundgarden events in Ibiza in the summer, 2018 is looking like it will be his most successful year to date.

” I am truly honoured to be working with The Soundgarden and to be playing alongside Nick who’s mixes and productions I have been listening to and loving since the 90’s. Petra has great vision for The Soundgarden concept and has taken it so far in such a short time and they have both been a huge support to me and my music which I will be forever grateful for “

We speak to the English rising name of SOPHIE B. A lover of House, Funk & Soulful Music. Sophie is a DJ making her mark on the London & Ibiza club scene & Radio! DJing At Hed Kandi Easter parties at Mcqueen and Ibiza Sankeys and Es Paradis to name a few & her weekly radio shows on MGR & OneLuvFM, both shows chart regularly… Lets talk more abort music within Sophie .

” Sophie Bezdan has to keep strong, creative and continue this amazing journey. I like to make many, many people feel good around the world with my music selection, my energy and positive inspired mindset “

From Scotland we speak to DJ DEF BEATZ. John’s DJ career was forged in the face of adversity. In a world without conversation, music was something he could understand. The beat was something he could feel, the lyrics helped with speech development… and 80s disco is nothing if not uplifting. Growing up just outside Glasgow during the boom of house and the early 90’s music scene meant that John was a regular at the likes of Subclub and The Arches. A lover of DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Larry Heard, it was clear that making music was his pursuit of happiness. Watching John DJ, you’ll soon realise that the speakers are there for you both. By turning them towards him, the vibrations guide his mixes. With an Internet radio show, available worldwide, and a number of gigs under his belt, John is a voice for those who can’t hear, those living with disabilities and those realising their dreams. Based in Scotland, but willing to travel, John is available year round for anything from club nights to private parties. Performances are available on both mp3 and vinyl. Zone magazine catches up with the very busy man to see what he’s all about.

” Being deaf it’s very tough as people instantly judge & rule out you’re passion for music. This is one of the barriers a deaf person has to overcome, people will say “you can’t hear”?, that means you can’t love music”

From the UK we talk to NOVABLOOD. Hailing from Carlisle in the north west of the UK, Novablood have been busy for the last few months in the studio. Now the duo of Mark Baker and Dave Beattie have unleashed their debut EP to acclaim from the industry and fans alike. We caught up with them to discover all things past present and future for in the world of Novablood.

” If we’re talking music memories on a production side, it was approx ‘91/‘92 and I was really into the Rave / House & Techno scenes that dominated the underground clubs at the time. Which inevitably rubbed off on me in many ways “


We check out whats happening in clubland: Thorsten Benders checks out BLACKLIST FESTIVAL pre-party in Germany, and tells us all about his recent trip to PAROOKAVILLE IN 10 REASONS NOT TO GO TO….

Iain Taylor tells us about his recent trip to China in STATE OF THE SCENE. Adding to all this we have of course BEST SETS ON THE NET with Hugo MaCann.

As if all that was not enough of course we have our regular reviews and charts from the talented and dynamic Zone crew. Also this issue we continue Zone Magazine’s FREE exclusive DJ Mix series and we also have our FREE gifts from Function Loops, 2 sample packs each issue, all you need to do is purchase our cool publication! As usual we would like to thank all of our very many talented contributors and friends who provide so much content, love and support for what we are doing, they are listed on the left hand column on this page if you want to contact them directly with the latest news.

From myself and the whole Zone crew, we just wanted to say thanks again for your continued support, peace.

Paul & Zone Magazine Crew!

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