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Feature Neverland Interview: DJ Brialmont

Feature Neverland Interview: DJ Brialmont

Brialmont is a Belgian dj/producer born in 1992 and he layed his hands on the decks the first time at the age of 16. At first, he played at local smaller places and party’s, but it soon got clear that he wanted to go further then that and he got a hold of several residences in Hasselt, such as Aper’eau.

In 2015 he released his first EP under his alter ego name “Cartas” on the Greece based label “Erase Records”. Several bigger names such as Kolombo, Wasabi, Sugar Hill supported his music. This got him into playing at bigger venues such as Balaton Sound Festival (HU), Board X (ESP), MoreThanBare (Ibiza) and Radiostation StuBru over the years.
In 2018 he signed a record deal with London based label Spectrum Recordings, with success ! He released 3 tracks in 2019 which have over 300 thousand combined streams on Spotify ! The biggest achievements in 2019 were definitely playing for the first time at Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event.
On top of that, he signed a record deal with Swiss based label Sirup Music, which is a renowned label of dj EDX with the likes of Nora En Pure, Calippo, Esquire, Sons Of Maria,… His first track “Looking at me” released on 18.11.2019 and is supported already by EDX himself and Lucas & Steve.
House music, dance classics, Club music in its broadest sense is what you can expect if you book this guy.

You are a fairly up and coming producer/DJ. In the past you have had different aliases. Do you still use them and what made you come up with DJ Brailmont?
That’s correct, I’ve had a couple of names before. DecibleS was my first name, but that was a remnant from me and another friend as a dj duo. Later he left and I wanted to have an own identity. First I came up with “Cartas” to produce deeper house and play a little more underground, later I started “Brialmont” to really do my own thing in producing melodic vocal house and future house music. Brialmont is my last name so that is convenient in that way.

How hard is it to be a DJ in Belgium? And how do you see the community there?
In one way, it’s hard because there are SO many dj’s, from starters to established names in the scene, which makes the competition sometimes a little hard. You have to really stand out in your own way by for example your musical style, mixing skills, producing music.or a mixture of all the above mentioned. On the other hand, Belgium really has a partying community and every reason to throw a little party is a good one. Dj’s are mostly asked for all those parties instead of bands or live musicians. This of course gives us a lot of opportunity’s to play. On top of that we have a very good reputation of organizing big festivals with of course the biggest festival in the world Tomorrowland.

Where does your love and passion for music come from?
Good question, I guess at the age of 15-16, I started to go to festivals and party’s which opened my eyes: I wanted to be up there and experience the moment to make everyone dance. That’s when I borrowed together with a friend 2 vinyl players and started to fumbling a little with it, day after day, until our first request came in. From there on I never stopped learning.

Under DJ brialmont you play future/deep and vocal house. Is there any style that has your preference?
I really like the melodic deep house music, preferably with a sweet vocal on it. Think “Defected Records”. But in front of a big crowd, you can hear me play harder club / future house music indeed.

This year you played to massive hitters one being the famous Tomorrowland, the other being Amsterdam Dance Event. How did that came about?
Well, Tomorrowland was a festival where I wanted to play for years now, of course, like anyone else does.. This year I luckily got in touch with the right people and after some screening they invited me to come and play at the 2nd weekend in July. From there on, more opportunities popped up such as Amsterdam Dance Event and of course now Neverland Pakistan.

You are ending the year on the Neverland Festival in Pakistan. How do you prepare for such an event? What can the people expect there from you?
It’s actually the first time (bot not the last !) I will play outside of Europe, so i’m really excited how the atmosphere and music community will be over there. I will put together the tracks that work the best in a big crowd over here and give it my best on stage, like I always intend to. Mashups and bootlegs of known tracks and perhaps some Belgian music will be my musical guidline during my set.

Tell us about your latest track “looking at me”. What does that track mean for you? What kind of message do you want to bring across with that track and your music in general?
This track is not my first release but for me personally It’s definitely one of my better productions and this only got confirmed by signing it at a bigger Swiss based label called Sirup Music / (S2 records). The world renowned EDX is one of the driving forces behind this label and the track already got played by Dutch dj duo Lucas & Steve. I just love to make music in Ableton and afterwards share it with everyone who likes to hear it. Every dj who produces wants to profile themselves with their own signature sound, especially the so far “lesser known dj’s” in the scene. This does not always have to be exactly in line with what you play live in my opinion. That’s the beauty about music: to be able to be free and play different genres and styles of music. Of course in my case it’s House/dance/electronic music in it’s broadest sense, but I think you get the point.

What can we expect in the future from you?
Well, I’m constantly working on new music of course and working my way into more and more bigger festivals and clubs. I’m signing up at a Belgian dj Agency WKND, alongside other great dj’s, which hopefully will help me achieve the above mentioned objectives. Furthermore, I hope to push boundaries with Neverland Pakistan and play more often abroad.

Thank you for the interview.
You are very welcome, thanks indeed for the nice little chat!


Words By Thorsten Benders

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