Dealing With Jealousy By Patrice Baumel

In any competitive field, such as DJ’ing, we are confronted with the fact that other people are more successful than we are. This creates a feeling of jealousy and low self-worth in us which is amplified by social media.

I grapple with this emotion myself and notice it in many, often extremely accomplished artists. Jealousy lets us focus on what we lack compared to others and ignore our own good fortune. It traps us in negative thought patterns: ‘Why not me?’

Negative thinking attracts struggle and scarcity. It kills creativity and personal growth. The opposite is also true. Positive thoughts invite love, opportunity and a higher calibre of humans into our lives. Here are a few things that help me get into a positive state of mind:

Being grateful. This is a superpower. Instead of feeling annoyed about having to be the warm-up DJ, it helps to remember that playing to people is a privilege. Gratefulness should extend to things we take for granted – health, friends and family, having access to infinite knowledge on the internet. Jealousy cannot exist in the same space as gratefulness. 

Quitting the rat race. It is easy to get trapped in the race for popularity and success. Everything is measurable – social media likes, dj fees. But we all have different starting points, talents and flaws. We don’t get to pick our looks or where we are born. The only valid comparison is the one with our former selves. Focus on your own growth, measure success by your rules (don’t limit yourself to fame and money).

No blaming or complaining. The moment I took ownership of my shortcomings and refused to blame others my life transformed. This requires brutal honesty but is the starting point onto a path of continuous personal growth. I am not a victim. I am in charge. I am responsible.

Genuinely being happy for the good fortune of others. Generosity creates abundance. Simply trust that there is enough good stuff out there for all of us. 

I am writing this list for myself as much as for you. Overcoming jealousy is hard but it will make us better artists, better colleagues, better friends and more appreciative of the good things happening around us.

Patrice Bäumel is an internationally renowned DJ and producer currently living in Amsterdam. 2017 was Patrice’s most successful year yet, the culmination of many years travelling the road, a positive change in lifestyle, lots more hard work, fun, and spreading the love. From being invited by Radio 1 to contribute to the esteemed Essential Mix series, to his Afterlife released single ‘Glutes’ being voted one of the biggest tracks of the year, 2017 was a year to remember for Patrice, and a sign of things to come…