Zone Magazine Issue 036 Autumn 2022 – DJs From Mars

Well Folks, Lots of great things happening here at Zone HQ just for you lot, so keep coming back! Well its Autumn 2022, and clubland is getting back to normal! As the world of events gets back moving, we have a packed issue with all the regulars, and lots of interviews!





In our feature interviews in this issue we talk to cover superstars DJ’S FROM MARS. They bring the mash-up attitude into Electronic Dance Music. Their style is a 360° blend of every musical genre, with the add of their Alien basslines and beats. Their numbers on Social Media are constantly growing: with 140.000 Instagram followers and 1,5 million Spotify monthly listeners, and 600.000 YouTube subscribers they’re currently one of the most popular DJ acts in the whole world..Their videos on YouTube have over 250 million views and the numbers are constantly growing…

” Being focused on mashups allowed us to change style during the years. We created dubstep drops, but when dubstep was getting boring we went ahead and worked on Future house, with no problems. ”

From Germany, we speak to the legend that is JENS LISSAT. For over 40 years now, Jens Lissat is one of the biggest names in the club scene. Insiders gave him the nickname “Godfather Of Techno”. His tracks are released on trend-breaking labels like his own, Monkey League & Studio3000 Records“. Further on Noir Music, Get Physical, Suara, Toolroom and Stil Vor Talent.

” In 1978 I fell in love with Electronic Music, with my first 12“ Single from Giorgio Moroder – The Chase, it was a synthezised track. I’m a big Disco fanatic I love tracks with strings, horns and vocals, but I loved the synthesizer Disco tracks also very much. I guess that was the first love moment “

From Ireland we caught up with LAST SURVIVOR. The brainchild of one of Ireland’s most successful dance acts of all time Declan McLaughlin, and drummer Mick McCallion of rock band Droids, Last Survivor is a band on the cusp of breaking out into the mainstream. Created during the first lockdown, and with their initial releases written and produced almost entirely remotely, their debut “Waste Away” (featuring vocals from Novablood’s Mark Baker) set the tone. A dark, brooding nod to 80s-style synth-wave. It was an emotive and powerful first release and was praised by critics, radio djs and gained them a firm fan base.

” Many moons ago my parents bought me a synth for Christmas, and it all went downhill from there. Picked up a guitar when I was in my teens and joined a few bands that never got past practising in a garage! Fast forward 10 years I joined a rave act, started building my own studio ” – Decky –

We speak to UK based artist OVERSIGHT. Based in the south-east of the UK, producer Oversight has spent the last decade building up both a well-respected back catalogue as well as an impressive fanbase. Fusing musical genres together to create his own unique brand of melodic liquid drum and bass, his studio skills are well respected by his industry peers and listeners alike. He took time out of his hectic production and performance schedule to chat to us about all things Oversight.

” There was always music on and around when I was small, wasn’t always the “coolest” or best quality, but the radio was always on at home or int he car and I used to listen to my parents tape and CD collections on headphones all the time and just listen for hours “

From Germany we speak to Moguai @ A Parookaville Wedding. A Warsteiner PAROOKAVILLE Wedding At The City Of Love And An Interview With The Best Man MOGUAI! Finally after two years of missing out on celebrating love, life and most importantly friendships we are back on the holy grounds of PAROOKAVILLE. There are so many crazy things to do during this four days of pure joy. One of these things is getting married there. Now you look at me and say “Married?” Surely this must be a fake wedding at a festival just for fun. But alas this is not a joke wedding. Every year a selected couple among hundreds of applicants has the change to marry at this festival.

“ Warsteiner has perfectly embraced the spirit of our “Madness-City” from the very beginning and the wedding is one of the highlights for our citizens every year. We are therefore looking forward to a lot of love in the Warsteiner Parooka Church this year – you can hardly get married in Germany in a more unique way! ” – Bernd Dicks (co-founder PAROKAAVILLE)

We also talk to STEREOLYNK. Stereolynk are a brilliant multi-dimensional Slovenian duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous ts. In the space of a few months, Stereolynk — comprised of Alex Nemec, who needs no introduction as head-honcho of well-known and respected record label Mirabillis, and Nenad Putnik, a seasoned musican who not only posseses impressive guitar playing skills, but is well versed in playing a multitude of instruments while being involved in various funk, jazz and indie rock projects.

” Our sound is a mixture of prog, techno but Nenad always inject a bit of funk into it as well. We try not to stick or follow a pattern but always go with the flow when working on new own material “

We speak to Eli David from Israel. Eli David was born in the 80’s when the music became a little more electronic. At the age of 14, he began his journey in the music world as a DJ and producer. Over the years Eli has played in countless clubs and events all over the world like : Pacha New York, Sullivan room, Lilienblum 22 TLV, The Colosseum TLV, and danced to thousands of people every day.

” I remember me and several other friends at the age of 15 going out to hang out in Tel Aviv and somehow we managed to get into an underground party in one of the clubs there in the city and there was a very special DJ there who today is also a close friend named Assi Kozak and there I just fell in love with music “

From Canada we catch up with MARK MACLEOD. Mark MacLeod comes from a long line of musical talent. He was part of the original rave scene in Toronto and a regular resident in many of Montreal’s best house music clubs. This is when he began to move to the deeper side of electronic music.

” I am a Buddhist and have an explicit daily gratitude practice. As a result, every week is great. I am human, so I have ups and downs like everyone. I can be stressed and overwhelmed sometimes. But on balance, every week is truly great “

ACID CATS are from the UK also. Acid Cats is 2 over weight, aging DJ’s that still feel they have something to offer the World of clubbing. “We’ve been at this a long,” says James, formerly know as Scientific Funk. “We know what works and what doesn’t on the dance-floor. That is our primary focus. It might be a cliche, but we are only interested in ‘killers’ – we don’t do fillers. We want our tune to be the one that makes your night. Then you go and find out what it is.” This may be a bold statement but the Acid Cats rapidly growing back catalogue is ‘littered’ with dance-floor weapons.

” I knew from an early age that music was gonna be my life for ever. It’s helped me through some bad times and I’ve also had some of the best times of my life around music. DJ’ing is addictive. I’m sure everyone has that particular set they played and it went off!! There’s no buzz like it ” – Richie

In our Feature Labels this issue we speak to JUICEBOX MUSIC and we check out how they do it in Mallorca, in our club reviews of Mallorca Clubbing 2022.

As if all that was not enough of course we have our regular reviews and charts from the talented and dynamic Zone crew.

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