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A “Malice In Wonderland” Recap!

Are We All Mad In Here. A “Malice In Wonderland” Recap

With so many high profile events each week taking place in the Netherlands the Dutch must have a hard time choosing where to go. With load of high profile events like Don’t Let Daddy Know, A State Of Trance and many more taking place during the same weekend, the choice can be rough. With all of these choices we decided to visit one of the hardest party going on this weekend Malice In Wonderland presented by Outlaw Events. Taking place from 23 until 7 in the morning.


This haunting fairytale is taking place in the AFAS Live (Amsterdam). The location is close to the Amsterdam Arena where one of the best know Dutch soccer Teams has their residency (Ajax Amsterdam). To no surprise the parking situation was really clean. Loads of parking garages and the best thing is, that they have a special deal, if you visit any event in the area you pay a flat 16 euro (about 17 dollar) parking fee. Once we parked the car we made out way holy halls of musical goodness. Altho the entrance took a bit longer then we anticipated on (there has been already been an official statement made by Outlaw Events) but once inside everything was well organised, there where enough lockers, inside temperature very nice. The layout of the AFAS Live is basically one big square room with VIP-balcony on the sides with amazing view at the stage.


Something we see more and more happening these last few years is that cash money is becoming obsolete. If you wanted to buy something at the event, the only option was cashless. A beer (0.3) being 5,25 euro and a big one (0.5) being 7,25 euro. Those that had paid for a VIP ticket paid 3,75 euro for a small beer. Sometimes it pays off to be a VIP.

Overall the event was massive gathering of like minded people. We estimate that about 8000 people attended “Malice In Wonderland” to watch some of their favourite artists play. With names like D-Sturb, Rooler, Sickmode, Riot Shift and naturally the main attraction Malice, attendees got spoiled with some sonic goodness. These events are not for the fainthearted, these are the harder styles and the crowd loves it. There wasn’t a DJ that couldn’t get the crowd going. Every track was eaten up but the eager party people, every drop, every vocal, every beat, the crowd was singing and dancing along. Big highlights for us to watch was a stellar Rooler Classic set and the insanely b2b Malice vs Riot Shift. From old school classic to new ID’s this is a night that will fondly be remember by many people. That being said we talked to many different people and not everyone was from the Netherlands. We met this German couple and asked them why they came all the way from Germany to this event.


“We have visited many events in Amsterdam before, as the dance capital of the Netherlands it is always nice to be here. Besides, the whole squad of Aggressive Records is here, there was no way we could not be here. This is a must for us, same as the Gang Party in Tilburg a couple of months ago, If there is good music we are willing to travel. And sometimes we are lucky to have artist travel close to us like Sickmode who we will see again in two weeks” – Sebastian and Sandra


That being said. Overall “Malice In Wonderland” turned out to be an amazing evening ,true to the slogan “We’re all mad in here.” It gave a glimpse in the Dutch scene of the harderstyles. Although we kinda missed some more decorations throughout the building. The flyer and the website future some amazing artwork that gave of this creepy Alice in Wonderland feel. Sadly inside we only get a huge stage with the DJ’s. That being said the 3 huge Screens behind the DJ’s gave us some great visuals to look at during the evening. But I guess that most people do not care for such things and want to come for the music. So many people that kept dancing and singing non-stop was a joy to watch at. We would definitely recommend to visit “Malice In Wonderland” if you are a fan of the harder styles. We are already looking forward to their next events.


By Thorsten Benders

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