Zone Magazine Issue 001, December 2014 [PDF]


Zone magazine was born in 1994, Paul, along with some friends helping out, worked on the first issue for over a year, well into 1995. Unfortunatly, due to several reasons it never got off the ground. Now, in 2014, twenty years later, Paul, with a wealth of experience in the electronic music scene, and other projects, is confident enough he can now publish Zone Magazine.

We will be covering everything from: interviews, music reviews, charts, artist spotlights, news, equipment, fashion and real issues effecting us all. This, our first issue, we have a fantastic aray of content. With feature interviews with: John Gibbons, D-Formation, Mark Kavanagh, Rocky G, Dave Seaman, and Chole Fontaine, along with some words from artists from about the globe.

We also have a great article on hearing protection, which we all should take heed to. We have a great selection of artists telling us about their all-time top tens, and with DJ charts, and lots of music reviews, I am sure you will find this an interesting read. We also have some goodies to giv-a-way. You can download the issues in PDF format, read it online or buy a print copy.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this issue and hope you all will continue to make Zone magazine a great, and interesting publication. If you would like to submit anything to Zone Magazine, please use the contact emails. If you would like to write for Zone, please contact Paul.

From myself, Paul, we hope you enjoy all the content we have gathered for this issue, and if you have any comments or enquiries, please contact us.

Peace. Zone Team.


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