To Start This Review I’ll Start By Saying The Club Itself Is Actually A Pretty Cool Gem In The Heart Of OC. The Night That I Went To Was Called Havoc Thursday’s. For The Club Being An 18+ Venue, I Did Not Feel Out-Of-Place Being In My Late 20’S. The Patrons Were Friendly For The Most Part. However, I Heard Things Inside The Club From Talking With Some Of The Regulars, That Fights Do Occur Pretty Regularly, Even Though I Didn’t See Anything Of The Sort Myself.

The Club Is Separated Into Two Main Rooms, Upstairs Is The Smaller Stage With An Average Dance Floor And Lighting That Was At Par With What You’d Expect For A 2nd Room. The Main Stage, However,  Was Awesome, Something I Definitely Did Not Expect From A Theater In OC. There Wasn’t Much Room To Dance In The Main Room Since It Was A Sold Out Night, However. The Main Stage Had Tons Of Lights And LED Walls. Definitely Not An Excision Stage, Great None The Less.

The Crowd This Night Was Different From What I Have Ever Seen At An EDM Event. If I Was Defiantly And Did Not Hear The Music I’d Swear It Was A Hip-Hop Show. I Witnessed Someone With A Fiber Whip Get Told That There Is No Fiber Whips, Hula Hoops, Or Light Gloves Allowed In The Venue Followed By A Very Aggressive Security Guard Manhandling The Female Attendee Almost To The Point If Assault Just For Having This Item In The Venue. Now I’m Not Sure If That Was A Rule Just On That Night Or If That’s Policy Of The Venue. Regardless Of What Rule Or Policy That May Have Been Covered By The Way It Was Handled Was Inappropriate. None The Less Still Odd For An EDM Event. We Tried To Reach The Club Manager “Jenn” For A Comment But Did Not Receive A Response.

The Venue’s Security Team Is Mediocre At Best. Extremely Unhelpful, Unknowledgeable, Oblivious, Rude, Unnecessarily Aggressive And Borderline Violent; Maybe They Were Ill-Equipped To Handle A Packed House. When I Was Sitting At The Patio Bar People Were Jumping The Fence To Bypass Security And In The 30 Minutes, I Was Outside They Caught About 40% Of People Who Jumped The Rail. Now Not Only Does That Cause A Security Concern, It’s Also Disrespectful To A Crowd Of People Who Paid For Entry. My Experience With Security Was So Awful I Ended Up Leaving Before The Night Was Over.

The Icing On The Cake Was The Promoter. As Guests Of The Headlining Act, The Promoter Had A Blatant Disregard For Us And Was Incredibly Condescending. He Took It Upon Himself And Decided We Didn’t Need The Credentials. Around 11:30PM We Made Our Way To The Left Of The Patio Section Were Told There Were No In-And-Outs, We Explained To The Security Guard That We Were About To Conduct A Pre-Scheduled Interview With An Artist, However He Didn’t Seem To Care And Proceeded To Mark Our Hands As If We Had Been Ejected From The Venue. This Is Where Things Really Went Downhill. The Marks On Our Hands Now Prevented Us From Going Backstage.

After Fighting With Paul, The Promoter, The Security Team And Even Having The Headlining Act Come Out To Tell Them We Have An Interview And Demanded We Be Let In We Finally Went To The Front Of The Venue And Insisted That We Speak To The Manager Jen. After Almost 20 Minutes We Were Able To Get Backstage After The Club Manager Realized The Guard Was Marking Everyone Upon Exit As If They Were Ejecting Everyone. The Icing On The Cake Of This Disastrous Night Occurred On Our Way Upstairs At Which Time The Promoter Proceeds To Tell Us And I Quote, “You Have 30 Minutes To Do This Interview Do Not Fuck With Me Stay On Time.” Once Again, We Tried To Reach Out To The Club Manager For A Comment But Did Not Receive A Response.

On A Side Note That Is Completely Irrelevant To This Article, The Yost Theater Is A Known Place For Paranormal Activity. So Much So It Was Featured On Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Didn’t Know That Little Tidy Bit Till After When I Was Doing Some Research. Apparently, The Owner Was Left Terrified And Fighting To Get Out Of The Basement After They Heard A Deep, Disembodied And Sinister Growl. A Piece Of Advice Stay Out Of The Basement, They May Or May Not Have A Demon Down There. Get Your Soul Eaten Downstairs, Rage Your Ass Off Upstairs.