New Assembly Tokyo

This week, Berlin Atonal travels to Japan to present the first edition of New Assembly Tokyo. This three-day excursion begins officially with an opening concert at SuperDeluxe on Friday 17. February 2017. Headlining the event is the Japanese premiere of Alessandro Cortini’s audio-visual masterpiece AVANTI. Joining him on the night is the Danish noisenik Puce Mary, one of the most exciting voices in contemporary industrial and noise music and the Osaka-based Synth Sisters, Japan’s foremost purveyors of deep, psychedelic and cosmic synthesiser soundscapes.

On Saturday 18. February attention turns to Contact for a club night from 22:00 until late, featuring Detroit’s DJ Stingray 313, Sigha playing live for the first time in Japan, forward-thinking Laurel Halo, Osakan footwork mutant DJ Fulltono, Rural festival resident Okuda, live coder Renick Bell, Zone Unknown host Yousuke Yukimatsu and Tokyo’s 100mado known for exploring the low frequency science through the Back To Chill event series alongside Goth Trad and Ena for many years.

The following night – on Sunday 19. February – New Assembly culminates with two world premiere live shows and a host of other eclectic concert performances, again at Contact in Shibuya. The headline show sees the world premiere of the new collaboration between incomparable Japanese noise legend Merzbow and Alessandro Cortini.
Another freshly minted collaboration commissioned by New Assembly sees Rashad Becker – in fine form following his intricate and technicolored masterpiece released last year on PAN – team up with visionary Japanese producer Ena. Ryo Murakami reprises a live show after his spectacular show at Berlin Atonal in 2015, while A Vision of Love – the rougher, noisier, ambient side-project of Sigha – explores the wrought iron mechanics of sound itself.

This year sees Black Smoker Records celebrate 20 years in the business, and Berlin Atonal is honored to invite them to curate the Contact room for the final night of New Assembly with a full roster of local talent. The label’s frontman Killer-Bong, Atsuhiro Ito, カイライバンチ (Kairai-Bunch), Veltz, Bun will all play a live set, accompanied by DJ sets from 威力 (Iryoku), Compuma and Yazi, and VJ Iroha. Together, they will demonstrate the true capacity of Japan’s most cutting-edge music collective.

More information and ticket links are available on the New Assembly website and event page.


[Courtesy of Berlin Atonal]